• May 10, 2016

5 Reasons Businesses Leave QuickBooks Online

5 Reasons Businesses Leave QuickBooks Online

5 Reasons Businesses Leave QuickBooks Online

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The Complaints People Have About QuickBooks Online

The cloud was designed to make your work process convenient. Many businesses have chosen to use QuickBooks Online because of the convenience and cost. It saves them money while they are able to access their files from any device by logging into their account. Unfortunately, the bottom line is that many businesses are unhappy with the service and they aren’t getting the experience they want.

Here are the 5 common complaints QuickBooks Online users have about QuickBooks Online:

1. Interface:
QuickBooks Online feels different than the version you have on your desktop. With that, it is missing a lot of the great features that make bookkeeping easy. One of the common complaints about QuickBooks Online is that you lose a lot of your keyboard shortcuts and are unable to easily navigate through your reports. The interface for QuickBooks Online just isn’t as convenient as the desktop-hosted QuickBooks.

You can avoid these inconveniences by hosting your QuickBooks on a private cloud server such as Trapp Technology. This allows you to get the desktop version of QuickBooks that you can still access through the cloud. You’ll get the interface you love along with all the tools to effectively manage your accounts. In order to avoid the headaches, it is great to use the desktop version of QuickBooks.

2. Reporting:
Many professionals share their issues with reporting on QuickBooks Online. When they are running through reports with their clients, they find it is inconvenient having to navigate through a web browser. It slows down their process with load times and constantly clicking through pages to find the information they want to share. Bookkeepers don’t want to spend so much time toggling through pages to get to that information.

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Using a cloud hosting service and putting the desktop version of QuickBooks allows you to skip using a browser for reporting entirely. Your QuickBooks software works as if it were locally hosted and is seamless to use. You can easily navigate through your reports as if it were hosted on your desktop.

3. Importing:
Another huge inconvenience for QuickBooks Online users is importing their information onto the new platform. One would think that their desktop QuickBooks would easily integrate onto QuickBooks Online, but that just isn’t the case. Importing desktop QuickBooks to QuickBooks Online is nearly impossible to do. That isn’t convenient for users making the switch to a cloud hosted solution. Even switching a company from a Sole Proprietorship to an LLC can cause issues.

Trapp Technology makes the integration of your data seamless. All you have to do is send over your files, they handle uploading the information and quickly take you through the onboarding process so you get to know the new way you access your file. The only change is that your users login to their secure environment and can instantly work on the data they’ve stored.

4. Lost Data:
Many users have noted that they are losing a lot of their data when using QuickBooks Online. Either data isn’t being automatically stored or there are even issues with emailing invoices. Small inconveniences add up and lost data can add up to a lot of time spent re-entering information. Accountants have a lot to do and they don’t want to waste their time doing unnecessary work.

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Trapp Technology provides a cloud environment that handles all the features of QuickBooks. They even provide nightly backups so you can easily recover your data if it were to get lost. If you were to accidentally delete important information, you can easily call up support and revert your server to a past save so you can get right back to work.

5. Speed:
Overall, you spend more time doing the same amount of work when you are working on QuickBooks Online. That isn’t what you want from your cloud-hosted software. Users report a lot of wasted time when trying to navigate through the QuickBooks Online interface, reporting, importing, and lost data. That’s not what you signed up for.

Trapp Technology’s cloud solution gives you the desktop version of QuickBooks on a cloud environment. You get the best of both worlds by improving your connection to your software and keeping all the great features that make QuickBooks a convenient tool. Users experience a quick interface that feels like it is hosted locally.

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