• July 05, 2018

Instead of Investing in Hardware, Partner with Trapp

Instead of Investing in Hardware, Partner with Trapp

Instead of Investing in Hardware, Partner with Trapp 1080 540 Trapp Technology

Avoid the Cloud Hardware Investment. Partner with Trapp.

In the software business, the cloud has transformed the way applications are delivered to customers. Not offering your own software on the cloud can be a recipe for the wrong kind of differentiation in your industry and can also cause a significant loss of business if evolving market demands aren’t met.

We also know that offering a cloud-hosted solution of your software doesn’t come without a price tag. Being a small or mid-sized application provider certainly comes with its challenges, as investing in the cloud requires significant financial hurdles to overcome. Specialized teams and new cloud hardware to support your business goals don’t come cheap these days.

That’s where Trapp Technology comes in. Instead of investing limited IT budget into hardware, infrastructure, staff, and other resources to offer (and manage/support) your own in-house solution, Trapp Technology can offer you a solution that is win/win: we partner with small and mid-sized software companies and provide them with a platform to deliver their application on the cloud for a fraction of what it would cost to achieve in-house.

Trapp’s cloud solution delivers the necessary speed, security, and performance you can trust to share with your client base. To add, it’s extremely cost-effective in comparison to other providers, so you can see why industry leaders like TOPS Software, Sage, and QuickBooks are all hosted on our platform and leveraged by thousands of customers each and every day.

And, on top of all that, your cloud solution is fully monitored and managed by Trapp Technology. That way, you can focus on improving your software without having to worry about the hardware to support it.

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Please take a look at our private cloud and custom cloud hosting services and let us know if Trapp Technology can start serving a cloud-based version of your software to your customers. We’d be happy to provide you with case studies and customer references, so give us a call at (877) 942-2568 or email sales@trapptechnology.com and we’ll be in touch.