• July 11, 2018

Trapp Technology Expands Summer Internship Program to Provide Hands-On Professional Experience Through Mentor-led Curriculum

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Trapp Technology Expands Summer Internship Program to Provide Hands-On Professional Experience Through Mentor-led Curriculum

Trapp Technology Expands Summer Internship Program to Provide Hands-On Professional Experience Through Mentor-led Curriculum 952 632 Trapp Technology

Arizona-based IT solutions company employs students in the STEM field and beyond.

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Phoenix, Arizona – July 11, 2018 – Trapp Technology, trapptechnology.com, a Phoenix-based provider of cloud, IT, voice, and security solutions, is pleased to announce its rapid growth of the summer internship program. Now in its second year, the program provides an opportunity for interns to gain experience by working alongside our skilled team of IT experts while having the opportunity to earn college credit for their degrees.

In the summer of 2017, Trapp Technology founded the internship program with just three excited interns. Within a year, the program more than doubled in size, with representation spanning a wide scope of career paths. Mentors at Trapp Technology guide the next generation of leaders in the IT field to help them gain experience while working on their degrees.

“I wanted to start the internship program because I’ve been at companies that truly value interns. I think it is something that gives both ways. We are proud of the fact that we don’t use our interns to just be the company’s ‘coffee-getters’. As a company, we can give young adults the opportunity to learn how to be professional, how to act in the workplace, and how to network,” Beth Schaefer, Director of HR states. “It also gives back to us as a company and as managers. Interns come in with fresh eyes, eagerness, and enthusiasm that often times has more of an impact on us than we anticipated.”

With an intern in almost every department, management has been able to increase productivity. The interns take on day-to-day tasks that are instrumental to a broad scope of initiatives, giving full-time employees more availability to contribute to leadership roles and projects. ASU student and Project Management Intern Brittney Ginther says, “I’ve led project meetings and presented in front of company executives, which is something I never thought I would be able to do before starting here. I am growing as a professional and I am becoming more confident in my skills each day.”

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At the core of the internship program is Trapp Technology’s commitment to innovation. Mentors lead their interns with the help of a well-planned, detailed curriculum, equipping them with the tools to be successful not only during their time at Trapp Technology, but in the classroom as well. Trapp Technology is truly excited to have new and fresh minds taking an active role in the company and helping their department grow, while also giving them invaluable professional experience.

Accounting Intern, JT Conover, who came to the company from BYU-Idaho, states, “I have been impacted by Trapp Technology’s employees and executives’ willingness to mentor and invest time into my education. The company leadership has an ‘open door policy,’ which creates a respectful environment for all employees. This has been influential in my willingness to ask questions and become a better employee and student.”

David Trapp, CEO of Trapp Technology comments, “We love the enthusiasm and fresh perspective our interns bring to the workplace. It allows us to develop our permanent employees with an opportunity to gain valuable management experience.”

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