• July 11, 2018

How to Keep Enterprise IT Spend Efficient

How to Keep Enterprise IT Spend Efficient

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Did you know the average enterprise spends 3.7% of their revenue on IT?

Those can be hefty dollar amounts depending on your company’s revenue numbers. With all the barriers involved with your budget, is ‎your company leveraging best practices to optimize its spending on IT and getting the best performances possible?

Trapp Technology does exactly that to help businesses get the most value out of their IT investments possible without going over (or too far under) budget. We’ve helped “wild spenders” cut their IT spend by 40% and “prudent spenders” cut by 15%.

Using our proprietary IT Roadmap and assessment process, Trapp can help your company optimize its IT spending to maximize performances as well as:

  • Eliminate shadow IT costs – We can evaluate your entire IT network and determine what solutions are actually lowering performances and eating away at your sensitive IT budget
  • Define and achieve cost optimization targets – Our team of IT experts will sit down with your company and construct a plan to ensure your company hits its IT spend and performance targets
  • Meet total cost of ownership (TCO) industry benchmarks – It’s difficult to know if you’re spending too little or too much. Trapp Technology provides you with an IT Roadmap that shows you how much you can appropriately spend to be as competitive as possible in your market without breaking the bank
  • Ensure you are spending IT dollars in the right places to unleash business value – Trapp Technology can tell you exactly where you should invest more money and where you can divest from to grow your business as cost-effectively as possible
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If you’d like more information on any of the above, you can find more details on exactly what goes into our IT Roadmap process and IT spend assessment services here. To reach someone directly, please call (877) 942-2568 and we’ll be in touch.