• June 20, 2018

Decline in Technology Infrastructure Investment

Decline in Technology Infrastructure Investment

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Why a Technology Infrastructure Investment is Key for Long-term Company Growth

The last 8-10 years of economic uncertainty have seen companies decline to invest in their technology infrastructure the way they did in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Even companies like Google and Amazon have fumbled their IT strategies, costing them millions of dollars from downtime.

For smaller companies, this trend is even more magnified (and just as costly). Smaller businesses are investing more and more into 3rd party SaaS products to run their business without investing properly into their own business infrastructure that will sustainably support long-term growth. While we understand cost is driving motivator here, we also see it as a costly dead-end in the future that can be easily avoided if done right.

Using our proprietary IT Roadmap assessment, Trapp Technology helps businesses effectively and thoroughly assess the current state of their technology infrastructure and define a cost-effective technology plan that fully supports the growth of their businesses over the long-term.

A great benefit derived from this top-down initiative can help companies like yours ensure that your processes, infrastructure, and systems efficiently align with your vision, mission, customer value proposition, and long-term growth strategies. That kind of alignment can be a significant differentiator for your business.

The ROI from IT operational costs our clients have realized over time have strengthened their earnings, increased capital, and have given them the ability to focus on their core business and innovation that allow them to grow and maintain a diversified earnings model for the short and long term.

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