• May 31, 2016

QuickBooks Cloud Testimonials – Case Study Highlights

quickbooks cloud hosting - testimonials

QuickBooks Cloud Testimonials – Case Study Highlights

QuickBooks Cloud Testimonials – Case Study Highlights 1024 443 Trapp Technology

QuickBooks Cloud Testimonials

Trapp Technology highlights benefits of QuickBooks cloud hosting and cloud accounting with excerpts from client testimonials.

Since 2007, Trapp Technology has provided cloud hosting for CPA firms and financial professionals. In a collaborative effort, clients share their business challenges, cloud solutions, and success stories of adopting hosted accounting software through Trapp Technology Cloud Case Studies.

One of our most popular hosted software is Intuit QuickBooks. Take a look at common business benefits and advantages of QuickBooks on the cloud.

Hosted QuickBooks Case Study Highlights

• Competitive Advantage: “Value-added Solution”

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“Trapp Technology worked closely with us to give our QuickBooks clients a cloud-hosted solution that was flexible, efficient, and secure”, said JR Garcia, Accounting and Advisory Manager at MRZ. “Trapp’s cloud solutions support the influx of new clients coming in, which allows us to meet the market demands for modern accounting technology.”

• Anytime, Anywhere Access: “Freedom of the Cloud”

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Co-founder Keeley Tillotson admits “My generation expects everything to be accessible from anywhere all the time. Not being able to do that with QuickBooks felt like a big burden”. By cutting their bookkeeping time by 50%, the Nut Butter Entrepreneur now thinks anywhere access to QuickBooks is a must, “Trapp Technology makes QuickBooks modern”.

• Dependability: “Reliable and Secure”

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Trapp Technology’s advanced data security and dedicated servers make FRB’s QuickBooks application and Salesforce integration more reliable and secure. “I don’t have to fight it,” explained O’Neil. “I know that it’s going to work. I don’t have to stop and call support and the data is absolutely secure. I feel very confident and comfortable with data security on their hosting service.

• Security: “Dedicated Servers”

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Trapp Technology’s QuickBooks Cloud not only saved Carol Weber, Owner, six hours per week in travel time, but leveraged our dedicated cloud servers to increase data security. “These were tax files with names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, addresses and email addresses”, stated Weber. “If my computer died or was stolen and data wasn’t backed up, you’d read about it in the papers. My computer died this year and so I was really glad I had move to the cloud”.

• 24/7/365 U.S.-based Support: “Higher Customer Satisfaction”

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Trapp Technology helped SAC grow 20% faster and saves the company and customers 50% of setup time at half the cost of other cloud providers. Save is impressed with Trapp’s differentiating responsive, U.S.-based support “My customers are happier because they get good support and a system that’s easy to access. And I can do more to help them grow their e-commerce businesses on the cloud”.

Consider hosting your QuickBooks Desktop on Trapp Technology’s dedicated cloud servers! 

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