• September 08, 2014

Top Benefits of Cloud Hosting | Case Study Highlights

cloud hosting testimonials, reviews, quickbooks cloud - traps technology

Top Benefits of Cloud Hosting | Case Study Highlights

Top Benefits of Cloud Hosting | Case Study Highlights 1024 445 Trapp Technology

Trapp Technology highlights benefits of cloud hosting, cloud accounting, cloud ERP, and cloud CRM, through case studies.

Throughout the years, Trapp Technology has released Case Studies in conjunction with Small to Enterprise-level business customers, who wanted to share their success stories of cloud accounting  adoption. Our Case Studies discovered their initial issues with software and applications and further assessed how Trapp Technology’s business solutions, such as Quickbooks hosting, could address them.

Out of the thousands of customers we have, we’ve compiled a snapshot of the most common business benefits and advantages of cloud accounting, based on our previous case studies.

cloud hosting testimonials, reviews, quickbooks cloud - traps technology

• Software Accessibility: “Anywhere Access

Jurin Roofing Services, Inc. Case Study: 

Jurin is excited about having anywhere access of their ExakTime software. “Taking TimeSummit to the cloud is a win for us because anywhere in the world we’re able to access the program. Every time the power goes out or the weather doesn’t permit you to come in Trapp Technology makes it easy,” stated Rizzo. “We can sit at a coffee shop ten minutes down the street and use their Wi-Fi.”

• Low, Flat Cost: “IT Savings and Low Startup Costs

Classic Community Management Corp. Case Study: 

TOPS software hosted gave CCM what it needed to get the business off the ground with no capital expenditures and no staff. “I don’t have the funds to support other people’s salaries right now,” explained Senffner. “I’m saving money all over the place. And, I’m paying about half of the usual IT budget.”

By the end of her first year, Senffner projects she will have 1,000 units and 10-15 associations. “I will be able to run this office by myself, with an accountant and maintenance associate working four days a week, because I am giving my employees mobile access,” stated Senffner. “That’s compared to six people without TOPS.” The labor savings add up to more than $90,000 annually.

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• Growth and Efficiency: “20% More Clients

Integrative Business Solutions Case Study:

Kranitz can handle more clients working remotely. “Trapp Technology allows me to get on and answer a question in a shorter period of time than if I had to go out to the client and look at their books,” stated Kranitz. “It probably saves me ten hours a week, but it could be more. Hosting allows me to take on 20% more clients.”

Kranitz also works up to 25% more efficiently with clients on Trapp Technology compared to using LogMeIn to access their files.

• Increased Productivity: “Bookkeeping Time Cut 50%

Wild Friends Foods Case Study: 

Being on the cloud has made Wild Friends’ bookkeeping process much more efficient. “Working with Trapp Technology has cut my bookkeeping time in half,” related Tillotson. “I don’t have to enter everything twice. And, I can be at my parent’s house for dinner and access my QuickBooks to change an invoice quickly if needed.”

• Dependability: “Reliable and Secure

Food Resource Bank Case Study:

Trapp Technology’s advanced data security and dedicated servers make FRB’s QuickBooks application and Salesforce integration more reliable and secure. “I don’t have to fight it,” explained O’Neil. “I know that it’s going to work. I don’t have to stop and call support and the data is absolutely secure. I feel very confident and comfortable with data security on their hosting service.”

• High Scalability: “Unlimited Growth

Integration Technologies, Inc. Case Study:

ITI expects rapid adoption of their Trapp Technology Private Cloud offering and straightforward implementations. “In twelve months we will have over two hundred customers using their own Private Cloud,” stated Magown. “I ask Trapp Technology to put them up and there you go. That’s the benefit of working with a partner that understands CRMs and all aspects of the technology.”

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“I think the Private Cloud solution takes away any restriction that was limiting our growth. Complete support, multiple applications residing on one or more servers in a Private Cloud environment at a price point that is the most competitive in the market today—I don’t think anybody can beat it.”

• Security: “Dedicated Servers

Carol’s Accounting and Tax Service, PPLC. Case Study:

Trapp Technology’s dedicated servers make client data highly secure at an attractive price. “I’d be in big trouble if client data was lost or stolen,” stated Weber. “These are privately held companies, some of them retail, with customer information in their files.”

• 24/7/365 U.S.-based Support: “Easier to Support

Ledgerwood Associates, Inc. Case Study:

“The best part is knowing that customers have good support [from Trapp Technology], and that they have the latest version of hardware,” explained Ledgerwood. “Taking the variable of the hardware out of the equation makes it easier to support the customer. We don’t have to worry about what version they are on, or upgrading them, or hardware issues, they just log on. We know it’s going to work.”

For more Trapp Technology Cloud hosting reviews, feel free to view our complete list of Case Studies here. Or try a 30 Day Test Drive of cloud accounting solutions such as Quickbooks hosting services.