• March 18, 2014

ExakTime Remote Access With Cloud Hosting

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ExakTime Remote Access With Cloud Hosting

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Cloud Solutions For ExakTime Remote Access

Our Case Study with Jurin Roofing shows the power of cloud solutions for the construction industry. See how they benefit from utilizing ExakTime Remote Access to manage their projects.

ExakTime Remote Access

Trapp Technology has made it much, much easier and faster to access a crucial program for us. Hosting has allowed our whole team to work without stopping, accessing what they need, when they need it from their own location.
— Jeremiah Rizzo, IT Director and Special Projects Manager, Jurin Roofing

Customer:  Jurin Roofing

Website:  www.JurinRoofing.com

Location:  NE/SE U.S.

Industry:  Construction

Partner:  Trapp Technology

Website: www.TrappTechnology.com

Customer Profile

Award winning commercial and Industrial Roofing Contractor, Jurin Roofing Services, Inc., established in 1974, is a full-service commercial roofing contractor with operations in Quakertown, Pennsylvania and Dundee, Florida. With 50 employees and 38 years of experience in roof maintenance, roof and leak repair, roof-over, and roof replacements, Jurin Roofing Services also offers professional roof consulting services and roof infrared scanning. Jurin Roofing Services uses ExakTime time and labor management and Sage 100 Contractor accounting software.

Jurin Roofing Services sought a way to get ExakTime remote access, its TimeSummit time and labor management software. Moving the program to the cloud on Trapp Technology’s hosting has brought them convenient anywhere, anytime access, saves time and makes for a smoother workflow. Trapp Technology’s relationship and experience with major software suppliers has given Jurin Roofing the confidence to also move their Sage 100 accounting software and other applications to the cloud.

Business Needs

Remote Access

Jurin Roofing Services (Jurin) recently acquired the ExakTime remote access mobile app and TimeSummit time and labor management software but wanted to make it more accessible to their staff in multiple buildings. “We quickly found that we were limited. It’s not realistic to have everyone throughout the company who uses the program come to one physical computer to get what they need,” said Jeremiah Rizzo, IT Director and Special Projects Manager, Jurin Roofing. “And, it would have been unrealistic and unaffordable to have 12 new licenses.”

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Sage 100 Compatible

Since they use Sage 100 Contractor accounting software, Jurin needed a solution that would also allow the accounting department to work remotely when needed. “Whenever there has been bad weather or sickness, accounting has not been able to work,” explained Rizzo. “They have tried working from home before but had too much trouble setting up a VPN or remoting in to a computer connected to the network.”

Jurin’s accounting manager wishes she could assign more work to do on weather days but it’s just not worth the hassle of the VPN. ”We are considering moving Sage 100 to the cloud and are evaluating the cost of it,” said Rizzo.


Trapp Technology Hosting

Rizzo found Trapp Technology when he was researching a solution. “I didn’t know that such an option existed or that ExakTime remote access would allow it,” stated Rizzo. “Brian Swartz at Trapp Technology was very patient with helping us understand how the process would work and deciding what software we would first move to the cloud.”

After about a month Rizzo felt confident in recommending Trapp Technology to his boss. “Trapp Technology’s knowledge and track record of working hand-in-hand with big software companies and their relationship with Sage was probably the biggest confidence booster,” stated Rizzo. “The relationship with Trapp Technology and Brian working with us for what we needed at the time was really the second reason for going ahead.”

Moving TimeSummit to the cloud was straightforward. “I gave Trapp Technology the information, uploaded our compressed files to their online file manager, and they took care of the rest,” said Rizzo. “In three days it was up and running with no issues at all.”

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Easy to Use

“There was no learning curve. I held a quick meeting with employees and gave them a handout on how to get to the cloud website and login,” stated Rizzo. “Once you access the remote computer TimeSummit works the same as if you sitting in front of it.”

Jurin has one license for TimeSummit and 12 individual logins for Trapp Technology so they know who’s logging in.”Once you are set up, your browser saves your login and password so you’re good-to-go,” explained Rizzo. “You just go to the website, click on the program and you’re in. It even prompts you if another user is logged in.”

Five employees access TimeSummit in the cloud regularly from the main office in Quakertown and a couple of outbuildings. “Our operations manager uses it daily to make sure people are clocking in correctly and our accountants match up time cards multiple times per week,” related Rizzo. “The service department will access it from their building. In the field, our foremen use the ExakTime mobile app on their iPads and that data is synced to the TimeSummit software on the cloud flawlessly.”

U.S. Based Support

Trapp Technology’s U.S. based support team keeps TimeSummit working well on the cloud. “We’re very happy with the way Trapp Technology works,” stated Rizzo. “Support is always helpful and polite. They helped us work out a free trial of AccountLinx on the cloud. They were helpful, friendly and cooperative throughout it all.”


Saves Time

Accessing TimeSummit on the cloud facilitates a much smoother workflow. “We are saving about one hour per week because there is less need to coordinate who’s using the program and everyone can access it from their desk,” stated Rizzo. “But it’s more the inconvenience factor. Things work with so much less hassle even though still only one person uses it at a time. It makes things a lot simpler.”

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Anywhere Access

Jurin is excited about having anywhere access. “Taking TimeSummit to the cloud is a win for us because anywhere in the world we’re able to access the program. Every time the power goes out or the weather doesn’t permit you to come in Trapp Technology makes it easy,” stated Rizzo. “We can sit at a coffee shop ten minutes down the street and use their Wi-Fi.”

A Better Way To Work

Rizzo sees additional benefits in the near future. “Knowing that Trapp Technology works so well with Sage software gives us the confidence to move our accounting software to the cloud,” stated Rizzo. “When we’re ready to use TimeSummit at our Florida location, I don’t have to fly down there to install it or manage a separate license. And, we don’t have to worry about the server going down or moving licenses around if we should move facilities.”

It all adds up to a better way to work. “Trapp Technology has made it much, much easier and faster to access a crucial program for us,” stated Rizzo. “Hosting has allowed our whole team to work without stopping, accessing what they need, when they need it from their own work location. And that work location has been expanded to anywhere they need it to be.” ExakTime remote access is the perfect solution for construction companies looking for more control over their software.

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