• August 08, 2016

Sage 100 Contractor on iPad for Onsite Work

Sage 100 Contractor on iPad

Sage 100 Contractor on iPad for Onsite Work

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Using Your iPad to Access Sage 100 Contractor

Construction can use Sage 100 Contractor on their iPad when they are working onsite. This is the power construction businesses are getting when they utilize the cloud to host their software. With their software on the cloud, they are no longer restricted to their desks and are able to take their work with them wherever and whenever.

Sage 100 Contractor
The tools construction get from Sage 100 Contractor allow them to effectively manage their projects and get a full view of their information. The software provides a view of their critical job cost so they can make their decisions and manage operations. This is incredibly important for businesses, but they are getting more power out of their software by hosting on the cloud.

Mobility With iPad Access
Because the software is hosted on the cloud, construction workers are able to look at their software on an iPad. All that is needed to do so is an application and access to the Internet either through wifi or through a data plan. With an Internet connection they can gain access to their cloud where their software is stored. This gives workers the opportunity to take their desk with them.

Flexibility With The Cloud
You need to be flexible with your work. When you are onsite all day, you never know where your job will take you. Because you can use your iPad to access Sage 100 Contractor, you don’t have to worry about making time in the office to use your computer. The added flexibility also goes toward days when you are ill and are forced to stay home. Travel and sick days are handled more easily when you have the cloud and an iPad.

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Added Hardware Power
With the cloud, you can get Sage 100 Contractor on your iPad and that is amazing. Normally an iPad isn’t capable of using that software, but the cloud gives you access to it. You overcome many hardware limitations and are able to access the powerful software quickly and easily.

More Security on the Cloud
Your cloud hosting provider is in the business of maintaining and securing your data. It’s a job they take seriously and they understand the importance of giving you the safest environment for your data. When you take advantage of the cloud, you are getting top of the line hardware and software to protect your data from being taken. You can work worry free on your Sage 100 Contractor software and know that your iPad isn’t putting your data at risk.

The construction industry is taking advantage of the technology they have available and it is giving them tools that work well with what they do. The cloud allows them to maintain mobility and overcome many of the technological hurdles they used to face. Hosting Sage 100 Contractor allows them to take advantage of their software from their iPad anytime, anywhere.

Host Sage 100 Contractor and get Access Through Your iPad!

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