• May 24, 2016

Application Cloud Hosting Changes The Game For SMBs

Application Cloud Hosting

Application Cloud Hosting Changes The Game For SMBs

Application Cloud Hosting Changes The Game For SMBs 1024 731 Trapp Technology

The Competitive Advantage of Application Cloud Hosting

Application cloud hosting puts the software you need onto a cloud environment so that you can access it whenever you need it. While many SMBs are able to take advantage of many public cloud solutions for a cheap price, they are opting for stronger solutions as they grow out of the public cloud. Here are the advantages SMBs are looking to upgrade by moving to a dedicated server.

Dedicated Servers

Moving away from the public cloud is a big decision. SMBs benefit a lot from those services while saving a lot of money. At some point though, they reach a point where they need to use dedicated servers that can handle a heavier workload. Accounting software is often an area where SMBs look for more advanced solutions.

A dedicated server provides businesses more privacy for their data and added protection. The accounting process is incredibly important for businesses and being on a dedicated cloud server gives them the protection their data needs to be up to the necessary compliance standards. It is important for businesses to have access to data in a secure way.

No Over Subscribing

Many issues people have with the public cloud is reliability. With application cloud hosting on a dedicated environment, SMBs are able to have a reliable connection to their software. When working on a public cloud, SMBs run the risk of being kicked out or unable to access their data because too many people were accessing at that moment. A dedicated environment is dedicated to you so you don’t miss out on instant access.

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Choose to Host Specific Software

When using the public cloud, it takes a lot of time to find the software that is right for your business. There are many limits to the tools that are accessible on public software. On the public cloud, you get software that fulfills basic needs and the goal is to fit the largest number of consumers. They don’t overcomplicate the software and any new improvement needs to be requested by a majority of the users.

A dedicated cloud server gives you complete control over the software you use. All you have to do is pick software you like and then you can get right to work. This gives you all the tools you actually want from software because you can implement stronger solutions on your cloud. You control the users who have access, the software that is hosted and the way you want to build your environment.


You get a lot of freedom when you decide to use a dedicated server for your cloud hosting needs. SMBs are taking advantage of the freedom and using it to grow their businesses more rapidly and effectively. Application cloud hosting on a dedicated server gives them all the tools they need to be truly successful at what they do!

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