• May 19, 2016

Public Cloud Isn’t Right For Enterprise

Public Cloud

Public Cloud Isn’t Right For Enterprise

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Application Hosting That Doesn’t Fit the Public Cloud

Enterprises want cloud solutions for their software but know they cannot turn to the public cloud for a solution. With all the critical information enterprise level businesses are working with, the public cloud doesn’t provide the tools or security they need to be truly successful. So there are a couple ways enterprises are achieving a better solution than the public cloud.

Private Cloud

The private cloud is a great alternative to the public cloud. The fundamental difference is that the public cloud puts your software and data in a shared space with many other users. The private cloud gives you a dedicated server so your information is separate from other users/businesses. Enterprise businesses get much more control over their software and data while avoiding a number of risks from the public cloud.

Risks of the Public Cloud

The public cloud is a great solution for certain tasks. It is cheap, easy to use, and provides a lot of basic tools to do a variety of work. Unfortunately, the public cloud can become incredibly crowded and subject to oversubscribing. For example, if there are too many users accessing the shared software, you might not be able to access your data or get booted from the software as new users arrive.

Since the space is shared, anybody can introduce a virus to the environment. When you share the software, you share the threats. Any person or business can introduce a threat to your security and could cause you to lose your data. The public cloud also doesn’t provide comprehensive recovery of your data so you could lose a lot of time you invested in any project.

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The public cloud can slow you down and cause a lot of headaches. Enterprises don’t trust it to provide them a reliable solution for the level of work they need. Instead, they are migrating their data into a private cloud solution that is dedicated to their business and can handle the software solutions they need.

Private Cloud Benefits

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The immediate benefit of using the cloud is having a solution that can handle your software. A dedicated private environment essentially gives you a server that is offsite that can handle virtually any software. While the public cloud limits you to what software solutions you can use, the private cloud gives you the exact software solution that you want.

Top Security Standards

The first benefit of a private environment is that your data isn’t hosted along side many others. That means you cut out the risk of having other people introducing viruses to your environment. On top of that immediate benefit, you also get a dedicated staff to maintain your environment and make sure that it is running efficiently and is constantly protected from potential threats.


Your private cloud environment has more options for implementing backup solutions. Enterprise level businesses care about eliminating risk and keeping their systems running at all times. Lost time is lost money so it is important to have a quick solution to recover data when needed. The public cloud doesn’t provide comprehensive solutions that Enterprise businesses need.

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