• August 09, 2013

Construction in the Cloud: Mobility and Collaboration

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Construction in the Cloud: Mobility and Collaboration

Construction in the Cloud: Mobility and Collaboration 1080 454 Trapp Technology

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15 years ago, a handheld computer on a construction site was absolutely unheard of. Now, university freshman studying construction management are required to learn how to use an iPad. Instructors are seeing the shift happening before their eyes, and they’re not willing to let their students fall behind when it comes to being technologically savvy on the construction site.

Construction Software on a Tablet


iPads are becoming as essential to a construction site as a hammer and nail; they’re being used to complete an array of tasks like uploading data reports and photos to accounting for changes in job specs and safety materials. Even though some construction professionals have been slow to adopt the  technology movement, it’s clear that using tools like iPads and cloud computing are saving time and money; and that will grab even the most stubborn foreman’s attention.

Construction companies are poised to benefit from the cloud’s ability to provide increased mobility and ease of access to information anytime, from anywhere, be it from satellite offices, job sites or customer locations. Entire crews are beginning to go paperless, uploading building information models right from the field. Issues that would have previously halted construction can be solved in minutes by pulling up drafts, figures, or plans right there on the job site.



Using the cloud in the construction industry seems to be such a natural progression due to the high volume and rotation of employees, as well as the constant flow of new jobsite locations. Employees have needed a better way to get access to company files in a hurry so that they can solve problems as they arise — not days later after visiting the office and conducting a meeting.

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The cloud doesn’t erase the need for a main office, however. There is still a place for employees to conduct day-to-day tasks such as payroll, invoicing, and the like. However, the cloud enables them to do this work from anywhere they can get internet access, on whatever device they choose.

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