• May 18, 2016

5 TEDxPhoenix Talks to Inspire Entrepreneurs Everywhere

5 TEDxPhoenix Talks to Inspire Entrepreneurs Everywhere

5 TEDxPhoenix Talks to Inspire Entrepreneurs Everywhere 1024 496 Trapp Technology

Need some motivation to get through the rest of your work week? Take a break and watch these 5 TEDx videos delivered in Phoenix, with entrepreneurs like you in mind.

TED conferences provide aspiring entrepreneurs a solid source of insight and inspiration when it comes to Technology, Entertainment, and Design. TEDx events are locally-driven, independent products based on TED’s rules and format.

With roots in Arizona, Trapp Technology is a big fan of TEDxPhoenix- a volunteer run, not-for-profit event with curated speakers and talks. 

Top 5 TEDxPhoenix Talks to Inspire Entrepreneurs


#1 Jacob Soboroff – Ask Why

Founding correspondent of AMC News on the award-winning network, Jacob Soboroff, prompts the audience to ask “Why?” and guides us through his extraordinary journey to answer his personal affair with the question, “Why do we vote on Tuesday?”.

Watch Jacob’s TEDxPhoenix video and prepare to embark on your own journey of “Why?”.

#2 Esther K. Chae – What if Bruce Lee Didn’t Die #WIBLDD

Actor/writer Esther Chae discusses the surprising impact of Bruce Lee’s death on herself and the Asian American culture in the media, in this popular and highly imaginative TEDxPhoenix talk. She creates a modern conversation with “Master Bruce” to find her own self-truths.

If you could have a conversation with someone, dead or alive, who would be it? Watch Esther’s TEDxPhoenix video to see how it would unfold:

#3 Louis Basile – The Movement of Conscious Change

CEO of local favorite Wildflower Bread Company, Louis Basile shares his secrets to having a successful organization, highlighting the power of aligning purpose, people, and passion.

His point of view as a person, leader, and father inspires his admirable ability to combine business with heart, resulting in the brand’s sustained success.

Watch the Louis’s TEDxPhoenix talk below to see the inner workings behind the culture and community of Wildflower Bread Company – and be extra nice to your sever on your next visit!

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#4 Mick Ebeling – Scare Yourself for a Change

The Ebeling Group, has worked on high-profile projects including James Bond titles, Grammy nominated music videos, campaigns for Fortune 100 brands, and other award-winning content.

But Mick’s TEDxPhoenix talk highlights the story of Eyewriter, a program created for friend, street artist, and ALS patient, Tempt.

Tempt’s total paralysis inspired Mick’s work, contributions, and commitment to one goal: for Tempt to express himself through words and art – a venture that would challenge Mick to scare the “beep” out of himself.

Watch Mick Ebeling’s TEDxPhoenix talk to see how the real life “Theory of Everything” plays out, and how scaring yourself can start a revolution.

#5 Fredi Lajvardi – How Phoenix HS Students Beat M.I.T.

Faridodid “Fredi” Lajvardi is an instructor at Phoenix Union High School, Arizona. His TEDxPhoenix spotlights the journey of a group of inner-city students from Carl Hayden Community High School who became the top robotics team in the country through a new extracurricular STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program.

When you think odds are stacked again you from the start, watch this TEDxPhoenix talk to see how a community, educators, and a shift in mentality can achieve record-breaking results.

Bonus! Nathan Barnatt – One Million Views for a Change

Character actor and physical comedian Nathan Barnatt shares the inspiration behind his viral YouTube video, Que Veux-tu. (Nathan also didn’t know why he made it on this prestigious list.)

But in less than 10 minutes, you’ll see why. When you’re having a tough day, put on your favorite jam and dance like no one (or millions of people) are watching!

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