• May 26, 2016

Sage 100 Contractor Software Cloud Integration

Sage 100 Contractor Integration

Sage 100 Contractor Software Cloud Integration

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Integrate Your Business With Sage 100 Contractor


Construction workers are using Sage 100 Contractor on the cloud to integrate their business. The software provides them with a fully equipped accounting and project management solution to meet the their goals. When using the software on the cloud, they get more flexibility to work according to their own schedules. 

Mobility Is Key To Construction
Construction is enjoying the move to the cloud because it provides them with the freedom they need to work effectively. Because construction workers are constantly on the move, having software that is restricted to their desk slows down their productivity. The cloud gives them the solution to access their software on the go. When they are on the go they benefit in several ways.

Remote Access
The first is remote access. Construction workers can access Sage 100 Contractor on the go as long as they have Internet access. Their software is no longer tied to their desktop in their office. Instead, it is accessible on a cloud server, which can be customized to fit their needs. Any 3rd party applications can be implemented and storage and users can be added to fit their current needs.

Any Device, Any Time
It’s inconvenient trying to work through a laptop on site, so why not use your phone or tablet? When you integrate Sage 100 Contractor on the cloud, you have the ability to access your software through any device. All that is needed is the app and an Internet connection. Instantly, your software is available on your mobile devices. That’s not something you can typically do with the software but it is important for construction workers who need to manage their projects from on-site locations.

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The goal with implementing the cloud with your company is to free up time and create a more productive workplace. It’s incredibly important to have an effective plan to handle your projects. When you know you can access your software on-site, you don’t have to plan around office hours or drive time to get your job done. Sick days are even better when you know you can work on your Sage 100 Contractor software from home.

Construction workers choose the cloud because they know they get more control over their projects. It’s the best way to make better decisions and manage operations in the workplace. Sage 100 Contractor integrates their accounting and construction management operations while the cloud integrates their software with the workplace.

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