• May 02, 2016

Sage 50 Application Hosting for SMB Accounting

Sage 50 Application Hosting

Sage 50 Application Hosting for SMB Accounting

Sage 50 Application Hosting for SMB Accounting 1080 720 Trapp Technology

Accounting With Sage 50 Application Hosting

Sage 50 application hosting is a great solution for small business. SMB to mid-level businesses need solutions that will provide them with the most efficient workflow while lowering their operating costs. Utilizing the cloud gives you remote access solutions, security, and guaranteed uptime. With these benefits, you have more reliable access to your data with the security you need.

Small businesses have been gaining access to much more powerful tools to handle their everyday processes. Cloud solutions have made it easy to expand your IT without having to invest too many of your resources to make it happen. The cloud gives you more bang for your buck and gives your business more flexibility with its schedule.

Remote Access to Sage 50 Software:
Small business accounting is an important process. Sage 50 application hosting puts your Sage 50 accounting software on the cloud so you can access and update your files whenever needed. Because your Sage 50 is on the cloud, you can go to your portal through an Internet browser on your Mac or PC to login and use the software you have hosted.

You have remote access to your software whenever you have an Internet connection and an Internet enabled device. It isn’t hard to find a way to see your information online. Those are the only two requirements to get instant access to your data. It is incredibly convenient to check your Sage 50 application through your phone if you are traveling outside of your office.

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Security For Your Software:
Sage 50 Application Hosting is a great way to boost your IT. Utilizing the cloud puts your software on highly advanced servers while also providing a team of professionals to maintain your environment. A cloud-hosting provider puts all its resources into building an environment that is perfect for protecting your data. Your cloud provider is focused on keeping up with your security so you know your data is going to be protected.

The next aspect that improves your IT is the maintenance. You don’t have to put your resources toward building a team of professionals to monitor your network for updates. The cost of keeping up with security is all part of your monthly subscription so it means you don’t have to face a lot of upfront costs in buying servers and paying for staff to keep up with maintenance.

Guaranteed Uptime:
Your cloud doesn’t work if you can’t rely on constant connectivity to your data. Downtime is very damaging to your business. If your servers were to lose connection, you wouldn’t be able to access your Sage 50 software to do any work. It is important to go with a cloud provider that has redundant Internet connectivity so they can always be accessible.

The cloud hosting solution you put your software on is important because it can determine the success of your business. A cloud with a redundant Internet connection will make sure you can always access your information. That makes Sage 50 application hosting an incredibly powerful and reliable tool that you can use to keep your business ahead of the game.

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