• May 05, 2016

How To Turn Your Business Card Into Business Leads

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How To Turn Your Business Card Into Business Leads

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Designing A Business Card That Won’t Be Thrown Away

Your business card is important and it exists to serve a clear purpose: Creating connections with others. What many people don’t think about is that your card is a piece of marketing material. It is used to attract business and get your phones ringing so you can either create relationships or gain customers. With that in mind, here are some ways you can design a card that is effective for your business.

Keep it Simple:
Make sure it is easy to find how to contact you. White space is important. It needs to be easy to find your name, phone and email. Your business cards have two sides for a reason. One is to obviously share your contact information, the second is to share your creativity and represent your brand. Often, I see too many business cards that have me lost and I don’t know what number I should call to reach the specified party.

Too Many Call To Actions:
We can communicate everywhere. We have emails, phones and social media. These things are plural because we all literally have multiple ways to be contacted via email, you have different phone numbers and most people have at least a Facebook and a Twitter. It is way too easy to confuse people if you flood your business card with too many call to actions. In this case, your CTA’s are the methods to contact you.

Just because we have multiple ways to be contacted, it doesn’t mean they all need to live on your business card. From marketing we have learned that you are statistically most likely to grab the audience’s attention with one call to action. Two CTA’s is still good, but anymore beyond that, the odds of gaining someone’s interest plummet. One or two? Those numbers are crazy low and it’s the reason you need to be focused with your goal.

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Targeting With Your Business Card:
Keep the goal of your card focused. Many people run multiple businesses and it is easy to use one side of the card for each business. Unless those businesses compliment each other, it is a good idea to avoid this. Go with a card that is focused to a certain business and your audience. Put the information your audience wants or needs.

Cringe Test:
It’s easy to look back at the past fashion trends and wonder how you could have possibly worn that clothing and gotten that haircut. At the time, it was great but it didn’t hold up. As a millennial, I for one can’t stand the baggy clothing of the 90s. Glad that’s over. While current trends are fun, it’s important not to over do it and have a card that is blatantly pulling on the latest trends.

Have Fun, Be Creative:
I said earlier that there are two sides to a business card for a reason. Your business card isn’t only about you, it’s about your business and it is the first impression people get of your business. What is a great way to represent your business and give off the impression you want to get with your card? If you are using your card to get you more business for your guitar lessons, what is going to express that?

Your card is your chance to establish brand awareness. Design it in a way that represents your business accurately or gives off the impression you want. How can you stretch a

Keep it Green, Evergreen that is:
Don’t put temporary information on your card. We’re talking temporary messaging such as slogans, taglines and coupons. Sure, it’s tempting to try to use the space to strengthen your brand in someway, but your brand evolves and those statements aren’t permanent. Use the design of your card to create the brand awareness you want and make it as timeless as possible because for many people, it’s going to be the impression they have of you for a long time.

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