• February 03, 2015

How to get Sage 50 on Mac (Video)

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How to get Sage 50 on Mac (Video)

How to get Sage 50 on Mac (Video) 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Sage 50 on Apple Devices (Video Tutorial)

If you’ve purchased your Sage 50 software and quickly realized that your Sage 50 on Mac is incompatible, don’t fret just yet! Trapp Technology Sage 50 Cloud Hosting is an ideal alternative to your Sage 50 on Mac dilemma.

sage 50 on mac

Officially, Sage “does not offer a native Mac version of our software tools”. Instead, they offer recommendations of available solutions on how to run a Windows-based Sage 50 on Mac.

According to Sage, “Sage does not support Sage 50 Accounting on Mac, including use with emulator software such as Parallels Desktop of Wine. However, we do have some customers that have had success using Parallels. Customers using Sage 50 Accounting on a Mac assume all related risks. Note: Sage has not done extensive testing of Sage 50 Accounting in such operating environments and is unable to support these environments at this time or provide any warranties in connection with such use. However, we will continue to evaluate this as part of our ongoing planning.”

Did you know?

All of our client’s software and data reside in our Cisco UCS servers optimized for efficiency, security, and reliability. Learn more about our servers and data centers.

With cloud hosting, your Sage 50 on Mac isn’t limited to Apple products. That’s because the same cloud-hosted Sage 50 on Mac is compatible with any PC desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone that has Internet capabilities. This provides business owners the flexibility to grant additional users, ie: your accountant, bookkeeper,  office administrator, secure permission to access your software and real-time data from anywhere, anytime.

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Hosting your Sage 50 on Mac has never been more affordable. For a flat monthly rate, Trapp Technology clients receive a dedicated server housed in state of the art data centers in a geographically low-risk natural disaster location, nightly backups and seven day rolling periods, and 24/7.365 U.S.-based technical support for a full-featured Sage 50 on Mac that doesn’t sacrifice the look, feel, and functionality.

Best of all, you can test drive your Sage 50 on the cloud for 30 days – no credit card or contract required! Still have questions? Contact us or call a cloud specialist at 877.942.2568.

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