• February 04, 2015

Sync Project Estimation with QuickBooks Using EstimationPRO Software

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Sync Project Estimation with QuickBooks Using EstimationPRO Software

Sync Project Estimation with QuickBooks Using EstimationPRO Software 1080 454 Trapp Technology

EstimationPRO Merges Project Estimation with QuickBooks on the Cloud

Project estimation is important in all industries. The planning put into completing a project is used to calculate the expenses and schedule the times goals should be met. EstimationPRO creates software for the construction industry. Mixed with Trapp Technology’s QuickBooks hosting, it is a powerful tool for business.


Construction estimation software is crucial to the construction industry. The industry is heavily project driven and building takes a lot of planning. There is a lot of competition for projects between construction contractors and that typically starts with preparing a bid. To remain competitive, you have to be able to give an estimate as quickly as possible.

EstimationPRO is the construction industries only fully automated technology customized to the end user. It is the Roofing Industry’s fastest, most accurate, roof estimation software. It is a hybrid solution that lets you turn your vehicle into a mobile office. The software allows you to make quick estimates and be the first to offer your services to the client.

Being able to perform a quick project estimation not only keeps you competitive, but it keeps you organized. The software is designed to make project management as efficient as possible. On estimationPRO, you have the ability to produce contracts, create purchase orders, plan labor, and see profitability. You can also import satellite imagery and store any important photos or documents so you can easily manage your project.

One of the most powerful features of estimationPRO is that it can easily sync your data up with QuickBooks hosted by Trapp Technology cloud services. Once your project estimation is done, that data is easily entered into your QuickBooks cloud for your records. Project managers, sales representatives, and any employee now has the ability to work in the field and perform important data entry whenever they need to.

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It is important to maintain mobility as a construction company. Trapp Technology and estimationPRO make project estimation a great task that can be inputted into your QuickBooks with ease. The cloud fits perfectly into the construction industry by making critical software mobile.

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