• April 10, 2013

Cloud Case Study: InterWeave Technologies, Inc.

Trapp Technology

Cloud Case Study: InterWeave Technologies, Inc.

Cloud Case Study: InterWeave Technologies, Inc. 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Trapp Technology Hosting is Key to InterWeave’s Cloud-based Application Integration


“Integration in the Cloud space is what it’s all about. We worked for six months with other cloud providers and still didn’t have a solution. Trapp Technology had our integration platform working on the Cloud in less than a week.”
— Bruce Magown, CEO, Integration Technologies, Inc.

Customer: Integration Technologies, Inc.

Web Site: www.interweave.biz

Country or Region: Northeastern U.S.

Industry: SaaS

Partner: Trapp Technology

Website: www.trapptechnology.com

Customer Profile

With offices in New York, Connecticut and Toronto, Integration Technologies, Inc.(ITI) developed “InterWeave®“, a comprehensive SaaS integration platform with solutions that connect CRM,
e-commerce and financial applications in the Cloud. ITI’s complete, configurable solutions integrate today’s popular business applications—Salesforce.com, SugarCRM, Oracle Fusion, Microsoft Dynamics, Magento, QuickBooks and dozens of other CRM, payment, and accounting products.

Thousands of enterprise, SMB and non-profit organizations have relied on ITI to quickly and affordably build, deploy and maintain customized integrated CRM solutions on the Cloud. Their recently released iOffice Solution provides Real-time Quote, Order, Inventory and Payments Monitoring and Management. ITI runs a SaaS business model with annual renewal.

Integration Technologies, Inc. (ITI) rapidly develops and deploys integrated CRM cloud solutions using Trapp Technology’s customized application hosting. With responsive service from Trapp Technology, ITI’s clients are up and running in a scalable, dedicated cloud environment in 24 hours. Trapp Technology facilitates an attractive SMB price point and fully customized solutions for ITI’s InterWeave® SaaS customers. ITI is experiencing 20% faster growth and higher margins working with Trapp Technology.

Business Needs

CRM Integration

ITI acquired an integration engine in 2000 to provide application integration services and technology for a variety of organizations. They later modified their strategy to focus on the CRM for SMB market. “Our strategy is to be the top integration solution provider in the CRM space rather than an integration engine to everyone,” said Bruce Magown, CEO.

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Cloud Platform

With customers moving towards the Cloud, ITI needed a reliable platform for their integration solutions and better service than the two day support their local ISP provided. “They were just selling servers—not the service or support our customers needed,” said Magown.

Affordable for SMB

The longer they worked with their ISP, ITI found that the price point was not favorable for the SMB marketplace. “They were not even in the game,” explained Magown. “And they had no knowledge of financial applications.”

Multi-cloud Integration

CRM cloud solution Salesforce.com had its own platform on hosting provider, Rackspace. To integrate Salesforce.com and other CRM cloud solutions with marketing and financial applications like QuickBooks, ITI needed a platform to work with multiple cloud environments.

Rapid Growth

ITI needed a cloud platform that would facilitate rapid growth. “Doubling or tripling every year is ITI’s goal,” stated Magown. “That’s how you build a sustainable business in the SAAS world.”

In 2010 Magown explored several options for a platform to host his cloud-based integration solutions, including the five premier cloud providers. “Each one had their own parameters,” said Magown. “None would allow inbound transmission, which our customers required. The entire solution had to reside in their environment. Our customers’ need to integrate with salesforce.com on Rackspace made them non-starters.”

ITI partnered with cloud providers for six months to develop an integration platform. None of them could get it working. Frustrated, Magown found Trapp Technology with a Google search. Competitors said it would take months. Trapp Technology promised to have a solution in 30 days but had it up and working in less than a week.


Integration on the Cloud

Trapp Technology’s expertise helped ITI develop a successful cloud-based integration platform. “We chose Trapp Technology because of push-pull integration, an attractive price point for dedicated servers, and their willingness to engage with us and understand what we do,” said Magown. “For the SMB market they provide 50% of a workable solution.”

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CRM/Financial App Integration

Trapp Technology has extensive experience with QuickBooks and other financial applications. “Trapp Technology’s knowledge really helped our Salesforce/QuickBooks integration,” explained Magown. “Hosting is fine but if you don’t understand what you’re hosting, that’s a problem.”

Data Security

ITI’s customers are provided dedicated servers in a secure data center, an environment that is supported 24 hours per day. Backups are automatic. “Trapp Technology gives us the secure processing environment required for e-commerce,” stated Magown. “With their understanding of financial applications, it’s everything our customers need.”

24 Hour Setup

ITI’s customers demand a quickly implemented solution. “Trapp Technology is incredibly responsive,” stated Magown.  “I call them with a customer to set up  and it’s ready in 24 hours or less. That cuts two to three weeks off of our setup process.”

Support for Real-time Integration

Trapp Technology provides responsive U.S.-based telephone, chat and email support. “We’re in real-time order processing,” said Magown. “With Trapp Technology we have practically instantaneous support.”

Attractive Price Point

Trapp Technology charges much less than what competitors charge for a dedicated server. “Sometimes my customers are waiting in a queue and it’s not meeting their needs. I tell them they can go to a dedicated server at Rackspace at a much higher price point or run on Trapp Technology for $130 a month,” said Magown.

Customized Solutions

With over 200 configurable options, ITI offers the most advanced configurable integration solution on the market for Salesforce.com and QuickBooks, which Trapp Technology know quite well. “It’s all about customization, that’s what we do,” said Magown. “Trapp Technology understands the CRM environment and how it works with other environments.”

“We specialize in application hosting,” said Greg Forshey, President, Trapp Technology. “Interweave is one of many third party applications we work with seamlessly.”


20% Faster Growth

“I grow 20% faster with higher margins because I keep my resources focused on new customers and implementation of new functions and features,” stated Magown. “I see staff engaged in productive GoToMeetings every day.”

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More Sales

Trapp Technology’s rapid on-boarding process creates more time for sales and enhanced sales opportunities. “I’ll talk to a controller with a dedicated in-house server, ODBC and QuickBooks (which do not get along very well),” explained Magown. “I’ll say, ‘You need to be on Trapp; it’s RDC, price points are good, and you’ll be operational in 24 hours’.”

More SaaS

Trapp Technology allows ITI to provide a better SaaS product, a solution that is completely personalized to the customer’s needs. “They’re not in a communal world anymore,” said Magown. “They’re in a dedicated environment configured just for them. That’s why they come to us.”

Faster, More Reliable

Processing is faster and integration problems are greatly reduced. “If a customer takes an hour to process 30 orders, it takes two and a half minutes with Trapp,” said Magown.  “50% of integration issues are connection; Trapp brings that down less than 5%.”

Satisfied Customers

ITI’s customers get an integrated cloud solution that works, at a reasonable price point. “I have customers that complain and complain until I tell them to get on the Cloud with Trapp Technology.” said Magown. “They go to Trapp and I don’t hear from them anymore. I send every one of my customers to Trapp Technology.”

A Total Solution

Integration in the cloud space is what it’s all about. “Trapp Technology provides an enhanced level of service and support for our customers that allows for seamless connectivity and processing,” said Magown. “To me, that means zero support calls and zero allocation of support resources, so I can focus on new customers; and that makes life easier for both Vendor and Customer.”


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