• December 09, 2014

CRM SharePoint Integration – 3rd Party Applications

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CRM SharePoint Integration – 3rd Party Applications

CRM SharePoint Integration – 3rd Party Applications 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Microsoft Dynamics CRM SharePoint Integration

Thinking about Microsoft Dynamics CRM SharePoint integration on your Trapp Technology cloud? Well you’re not alone!


Understanding that integrated 3rd party applications to the cloud can be considered a modern necessity for many businesses, Trapp Technology has made it extremely easy and affordable to create a custom cloud to elevate your CRM cloud system to efficiently run a seamless and complete CRM SharePoint integration.

What is it? SharePoint CRM integration combines the main features of SharePoint, collaboration and content management, with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM server. SharePoint with Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration simplifies how to store, search, and share internal information and enables the document management feature to allow users to create and manage documents for different entities.

Administrators grant control access permissions per user to create, upload, review, publish, delete, and archive documents on a server that is running SharePoint within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The framework for storage location in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration with SharePoint is the familiar Site Collection, Site, Document Library, and Document Folder.


Did you know Trapp Technology offers comprehensive SharePoint Professional Services ranging from Consulting, Structural Design, Implementation and Deployment? Learn more here: Trapp Technology SharePoint Solutions.

How does it work? Trapp Technology offers the option for CRM SharePoint Integration to all our cloud customers! That means we can add SharePoint to your dedicated CRM cloud server, and they can communicate and collaborate on the same system with shared resources. Both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint applications and data are housed in our state of the art data center in Scottsdale, Arizona, and receive all the benefits of Trapp Technology’s ultra-secure cloud!

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What are the benefits? Dynamics CRM SharePoint Integration undergoes redundant nightly backups plus 7 day rolling periods. Users can access Dynamics CRM and SharePoint from any PC or Mac desktop, laptop, iPad or Android tablet, or smartphone with simple Internet connections- anytime, anywhere! 

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