• May 12, 2015

Tech Trends and Small Business Part 2 – IaaS

Tech Trends and Small Business Part 2 – IaaS

Tech Trends and Small Business Part 2 – IaaS 1080 491 Trapp Technology

Using IaaS for Your Small Business

Last time we discussed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and what that solution means for your business. This time we’re going to learn more about Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and see how your small business can use it to grow. We’ll further our understanding of cloud services and determine which solution is the perfect fit for your business.
IaaS is a deeper solution than SaaS. SaaS is utilized to host software and applications so you have a secure environment to access your work. The solutions give you remote access to your data and that improves your mobility. You can take your data with you by accessing it through a mobile device or your home computer. IaaS goes further than only hosting applications and software.

When you use IaaS for your business, it’s like having a second home or a Condo in Hawaii. You get a beautiful place to live and get to enjoy the space without having to mow the lawn or trim the hedges. So when you think of your cloud, the environment is completely maintained by the cloud provider while you can fill it with the applications, data, and operating system you need.

IaaS provides a server you keep offsite but access for all your company information. It works like an in-house server but you take out the burden of maintaining your environment. Your cloud provider will take care of updates and keeping up with security while you easily access your data to work. You can customize your cloud platform to fit your unique business needs. You get the operating system you want along with the applications you use on a daily basis.

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IaaS is great for any size business. Many large businesses migrate to the cloud in order to open up more opportunities. This offsets the time required to keep systems up to date and also lowers total cost of ownership. You no longer need to invest in hardware and you can easily scale your solutions at a moments notice.

Small businesses can utilize IaaS to start working with large amounts of technology without spending the money to do it. Small businesses can compete with large companies without spending too much on the resources. Your business is on the same playing field as large businesses when using cloud services. You get a reliable and secure environment for your data but do not have to worry yourself with the maintenance. You too get a condo in Hawaii.

Your small business has more opportunity than ever to cut costs while getting access to better technology. Technology has always been one of the most expensive aspects of running a business but the cloud is able to cut those costs. Use your money effectively by utilizing IaaS and get a secure server to manage your business.

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