• May 11, 2015

Improving Communication With Hosted VoIP – Video

Improving Communication With Hosted VoIP – Video

Improving Communication With Hosted VoIP – Video 1080 491 Trapp Technology

What Hosted VoIP Means for Business

Communication is a big part of the business environment. Everything you do depends on proper communication. This can be within your company or with your customers. Hosted voice over IP (VoIP) is a way to improve unified communications in your company. Here are the benefits your business gets from utilizing a business VoIP solution.

Hosted VoIP is an alternative to traditional phone lines. It advances phone technology to fit the new needs of businesses in today’s professional environment. Traditional phone lines were limited to making calls at your desk and they couldn’t communicate further than voice. VoIP gives you more mobility and options for connecting with others.

Cloud hosted VoIP gives you a phone line that travels via IP or through the Internet. Because it is software it also comes with a lot of different ways to communicate. You could use your phone to make calls, send texts, hold videoconferences, and expand the methods you can utilize to communicate. VoIP also gives you the ability to login from your mobile phone and connect to your business line on the go.
Mobility is important in the business space and you need the tools to work effectively while on the go. When you connect your mobile phone to your business VoIP provider, you can work from anywhere as if you are in your office. This means business trips can be improved and days when you have to work from home can be more efficient.

Hosted VoIP solutions can be implemented in any sized business. Small businesses can utilize the same technology big businesses have access to. You can level the playing field by improving your unified communications and having better connection to your business. VoIP allows you to quickly respond and make any decisions big or small.

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See our Monday MinIT video to learn how hosted VoIP works and how you benefit:

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