• June 15, 2015

Monday MinIT: Disaster Recover (DR)

Monday MinIT: Disaster Recover (DR)

Monday MinIT: Disaster Recover (DR) 1024 443 Trapp Technology

Video on Disaster Recover (DR) Solutions

Your business needs solutions for data. With more and more digital files being made in the workplace, it is important to make sure those files are not lost or destroyed. A disaster recover (DR) solution will maintain your data integrity and ensure that your business never loses productivity from losing information.


DR provides you with a great strategy for business continuity. When you lose your data, you lose the tools that allow you to do your work. You can’t update files, communicate information, and making decisions becomes incredibly difficult. Your business is data and data is as good as money. Keeping your data safe and having quick access to recovery files will allow you to continue productivity.

DR is about securing, protecting and recovering your data. Your data must be located in a place that will provide the best protection. There are digital and physical aspects you have to be aware of when storing your data. Your DR solution must locate your data on a server that is constantly maintained and monitored for security. Keeping your technology up to date is important because updates go toward the security.

Your servers should also be located in a place that has low risk to natural disasters. When your technology is destroyed by a disaster, so is your data. Backups are incredibly important for DR solutions. You have to keep multiple files for your data so if your server were to go down or your data were to be lost, you can quickly get your files back and get back to work on your business.

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Our video covers the basics of DR solutions and how you can keep your data in your business safe. There is no time to risk your data when you are working. All downtime is bad for your business and you need to be on a server that is maintained and monitored so you are always safe from threats. A DR solution will keep your data safe and in turn, your business doesn’t lose any productivity.

See our video on DR below:

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