• June 11, 2015

Charge Anywhere App: Dedicated Cloud Solutions

Charge Anywhere App

Charge Anywhere App: Dedicated Cloud Solutions

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Secure Mobile Payments With Charge Anywhere App

Charge Anywhere allows you to make transactions with your customers in more places. With this software, you can increase sales and reduce the risk of data entry errors. It is a great opportunity to take your register with you when going to different sites to sell your goods and services. Using Charge Anywhere on the cloud will give you the most secure environment to keep your data.


Mobility is one of the most beneficial advancements technology has given businesses to date. A lot of the advancements made to our businesses have made it so people can easily purchase products and services. Charge Anywhere allows you to take your cash register with you. You get a solution that will give you more mobility and security for your financial data.

Charge Anywhere gives your business comprehensive tools to make reliable transactions with your customers. Its features allow you to provide information to your customers and properly collect data from your sales. Here are some of the features you get from Charge Anywhere:

  • Swipe/Key-in card transactions
  • Real-time management of reports, refunds, and transactions
  • Custom email and print receipts
  • Electronic signatures
  • Accept multiple payment options (Credit, Check, Cash)
  • GPS location on transactions
  • Store offline transactions
  • Etc.

You benefit from the Charge Anywhere app because you get mobility with your payments. You can increase sales, avoid costly wireless terminals, and improve your cash flow by receiving money quickly. It is convenient to work quickly and make your solutions more available. You need to make sure your software has the right security to support your mobility.

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Hosting on a dedicated cloud will give you a customized environment designed to fit your business needs. You need security for your important transaction information that you collect from Charge Anywhere. On a dedicated server, nobody has access to your files but yourself and those you add as users. Your solution will keep any unwanted people from seeing your information as well as keep any digital threats at bay.

Your security is important and you need the cloud solution that will support your business. When you have your Charge Anywhere software hosted on the cloud, you are the only one with access to the software when you’re on the go. If you lose the mobile device you use to make transactions, your software cannot be accessed. You access your software through the cloud and nobody will be able to get into that without your login credentials.

Your business can easily integrate data on the cloud. When you have multiple locations where you are making sales, you can store your data in the cloud so your team can find that transaction data easily. This gives your business a better view of the information on sales and allows your team to collaborate on the Charge Anywhere software when at different places.

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