• March 26, 2015

Automate Accounting and E-Commerce with Webgility on the Cloud

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Automate Accounting and E-Commerce with Webgility on the Cloud

Automate Accounting and E-Commerce with Webgility on the Cloud 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Webgility Integrates Accounting and E-Commerce Software

Utilizing the cloud allows your business to focus on providing its products and services while a team of professionals handles your technology. If you are running your accounting or e-commerce software on the cloud, you already know how great it is having complete control over your data. Webgility enhances your experience with tools automating your accounting process.

E-commerce is a powerful way to reach your customers. The Internet really is everywhere now and having your market online allows you to reach everyone. But having a market online can come with a lot of book keeping. Webgility is a great tool for any business running an online store because it connects your e-commerce store with your accounting software.

You know the frustration of having to enter all your transactions manually. You have to dedicate too much time entering your data and making sure that all records are accurate. Webgility can connect your QuickBooks and e-commerce platform to automate all your data entry processes.

webgility on the cloud

Webgility is designed to integrate with many different accounting software, including QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, and more. It’s easy to integrate Webgility on the cloud with your accounting software!

Hosting Webgility on the cloud will maintain its compatibility with over 40 e-commerce platforms. Some of the major e-commerce platforms supported are:

    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • Bigcommerce
    • Shopify
    • Magento
    • WooCommerce

When using Webgility on the cloud, you have the tools to connect to keep up-to-date financials, manage inventory, increase efficiency, and improve customer service. One of your most powerful resources is the ability get instant financial data updates. This allows you to track your financial health and instantly track your sales revenues, expenses and fees.

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Inventory Management on Webgility allows you to stay on top of what you’re selling. You can track and sync products and inventory. You can sell in more places without going overboard or overselling products. Instead, Webgility will alert you whenever you have low stock in any product.

The goal of using Webgility is to increase efficiency so you have more time to focus on your customer support. You can be more efficient with the eCC Scheduler. This tool allows you to free up time by automating routine tasks and this can be customized to fit each of your sales channels. Meanwhile, you focus on your customers and make sure their experience with your shop is as great as can be.

Cloud Hosting your QuickBooks software allows you to use whichever version of QuickBooks you are most comfortable with. You don’t have to be limited to the features on QuickBooks online. This means that hosting Webgility on your cloud server doesn’t mean you have to use QuickBooks Online. You also get access to your QuickBooks and Webgility software from anywhere on any device without compromising your security.

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