• March 11, 2015

Rapid Inventory Software on Cloud Hosted QuickBooks

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Rapid Inventory Software on Cloud Hosted QuickBooks

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Integrate Rapid Inventory to your Cloud Hosted QuickBooks

Rapid Inventory takes your QuickBooks software to the next level. If you need a great solution for inventory management, this option can be seamlessly integrated into your QuickBooks. If you are running on Cloud Hosted QuickBooks, this option will make the integration an even stronger fit for your company.


Rapid Inventory was designed to work hand-in-hand with QuickBooks. This software adds the crucial functions to manage your inventory without switching back and forth between software. You can improve your inventory accuracy, make faster invoices, and have better control over your sales.

You can keep your inventory accurate through the tools in the software. You have the advantage with inventory tracking, stock rotation, lot number tracking, and expiration tracking. The current state of your inventory and its location can be easily determined with the many tools you are equipped with. The integrated software then work together to create, pick, and invoice your sale orders.

As your stock depletes Rapid Inventory gives you forecasting that keeps you informed on the demand for your product so you can adjust your orders accordingly. Collecting your past sales data allows you to make informed decisions. Rapid Inventory provides reports that will keep this a simple task for your business.

Rapid Inventory is incredibly affordable, fast to implement and easy to use. This solution works great for smaller businesses and they benefit from added functionality. Here are some of the great features you get:

  • Track items within a warehouse
  • Track items in multiple warehouse locations
  • Barcode scanning
  • Easily manage recalls
  • Integrate automatic interface to QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.
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Are you on the cloud or are you looking for a cloud solution for your company? You can easily get cloud hosted QuickBooks to improve your technology without the costs. Your company has limited resources and hosting on the cloud expands your options while also raising productivity. The cloud can also integrate Rapid Inventory, making your QuickBooks even more powerful.

If you need to have a keen eye over your inventory levels but don’t have the staff to do so, having software on the cloud allows you to access your information from a remote location. You have live, and up to date information straight from your QuickBooks while working on the cloud. You have more flexibility that allows you to easily adjust to emergencies. Rapid Inventory is a powerful app to add to your cloud.

If you’d like to get started with QuickBooks and Rapid Inventory, Contact Us and ask about our 30-Day Trial!

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