• February 11, 2015

Host CaseWare IDEA on Trapp Technology Cloud – 3rd Party Apps

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Host CaseWare IDEA on Trapp Technology Cloud – 3rd Party Apps

Host CaseWare IDEA on Trapp Technology Cloud – 3rd Party Apps 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Host CaseWare IDEA Software on Your Trapp Technology Cloud

Looking to add a data analysis tool to your Trapp Cloud? Hosted CaseWare provides user friendly software that quickly performs a data analysis and guarantees your data is organized on the cloud.


CaseWare IDEA is a powerful tool for auditors, accountants and other finance professionals. The software allows you to analyze your data and assure that you maintain data integrity. Being able to keep your data organized makes the hassle of performing audits much easier.

Do you have a problem organizing data from different formats? CaseWare IDEA allows you to view data from different sources and a variety of formats in one place and then allows you to search through the data as a whole. You finally have the ability to import multiple data sets and view them as though they were one.

CaseWare IDEA allows you to import nearly any source including:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Database software
  • ERP systems
  • Legacy mainframes
  • Travel and expenses applications
  • And many other file types

Features of CaseWare IDEA:
IDEA Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar gives a fresh new look and ribbonized workspace that is unique to the audit analytics industry. Your tasks are easier to find and perform because of their intuitive organization. Tasks are grouped by functionality to make navigating a natural process.

SmartAnalyzer Integration allows you to increase your audit efficiency and quality by giving you an easy way to implement new apps on your software. The marketplace gives you access to additional content such as audit tests, Standard Import Routines, and many other items.

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IDEA Server Virtual Databases allow you to create a virtual database within the software instead of having to create a new file. You can seamlessly view your results within the software. The database also has the same functionality as regular databases. This saves you the time involved in navigating between different software by keeping your information in one easy to find place.

The IDEA Library improves how you organize your work. The Library now groups your information into categories such as equations, import definitions source files, macros and custom functions. Using the Library can enhance collaboration by syncing files to a Corporate Library where team members can access and update files together.

These are only a few of the great features you will be able to utilize on CaseWare’s IDEA software. With CaseWare you can truly optimize your data analysis and make the work more efficient and accurate than ever. Trapp Technology allows you to take that one step further.

Trapp Technology allows you to easily integrate software on your cloud and give the software even more power. Hosted CaseWare IDEA gives your data mobility, allowing you to access information from a remote location and being productive from anywhere. You can collaborate with your team from remote locations. If any of you are on the field, new updates can be made and seen by the entire team. Your software is also hosted on a reliable, secure server that keeps your data safe from damage or loss. While a flashdrive can be lost or damaged, hosting CaseWare keeps your data from that fate.

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With monitored servers, you no longer have to worry about corrupt files and have a huge amount of storage space for your data. With your files on the cloud, you have a truly integrated workspace where you can easily import your data to CaseWare IDEA.

Want to host CaseWare on your cloud? Start a 30 day cloud test drive here!

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