• May 13, 2015

3 Reasons Hosted Hotel Property Management Software is Better

3 Reasons Hosted Hotel Property Management Software is Better

3 Reasons Hosted Hotel Property Management Software is Better 1080 491 Trapp Technology

Cloud Hosted Hotel Property Management Software Makes Life Easier

Cloud hosting your software has always benefited you because you could easily store, access, and share your data. There are many benefits to utilizing a dedicated, private cloud. Hosted hotel property management software can be work more effectively for your business. Here are some of the ways you can benefit.

Cloud hosting your hotel property management software gives you the advantage of having all your tools at your disposal when you need them. Often, it is a hassle finding a way to transfer the files you were working on.

They can be too big to email to yourself or you lost track of your USB drive and can’t take your data with you. Even working in the wrong file can be easy to do when you have too many files saved.

The cloud acts as an extension of your business, so you can utilize your hotel property management software to work more effectively and do your job efficiently. There are many great benefits you get from hosting your hotel property management software on the cloud but we wanted to highlight 3 of the most beneficial.
Multi-Location Access:
When you have a lot of hotels to manage, there is nothing better than being able to login to a single location to access your software. Multi-location access allows you to see your hotel property management software from any location where you can connect to your cloud. All you need to connect is the Internet and an Internet enabled device.

If you are on the move or want to work from home or in an office, you can easily access your cloud and get right to work on your hotel property management software. All your information is up to date and that makes it easy for you to collaborate with a team if needed.

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PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone:
Do you have software that works on every device you own? It’s probably not even possible to get a mobile version of the hotel property management software you want to use. With the cloud you can eliminate hardware limitations because you can access software you normally wouldn’t be able to get.

This improves your mobility. Not only do you avoid the hassle of transferring files from place to place, you now get to access your hotel property management software from your phone if you need to. You have the ability to work when you need to and quickly respond to any situation that comes up.

You need an environment that is up to your company’s standards. You have to keep your data protected as well as your customer data. When your hotel property management software is on a dedicated private cloud, you can rest assured that your data is only available to you and your users. A dedicated space means that you don’t have to share your resources with others. You also get complete control over who has access to your data.

Looking into security, you can also find a cloud host that provides disaster recovery and backups. Your data needs to be safe and you need to make sure that it won’t be lost or damaged. A secure environment will keep your hotel property management software available and safe from harm.

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