• April 11, 2013

Trapp Technology’s Safe, Secure, and Separated Cloud

Trapp Technology

Trapp Technology’s Safe, Secure, and Separated Cloud

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Cloud Security Basics

Our cloud solutions are recognized as the industry’s most secure, and it’s easy to see why. When you’re looking at cloud partners look at how they will actually house your data.

How is cloud security like a bank vault?

Since we’re looking at security, let’s draw a comparison with a bank. Most clouds are like a safe in a bank. One big vault where a bunch of data is stored.


It’s obviously secure, but only to a point, because there are very real limits to this security. All of the data in this safe is more or less together. It’s not securely separated…it’s comingled. There may be a hundred different organizations using this safe. That’s a hundred collections of data, all in one room. So if one of these organizations unknowingly sends a corrupted file to the cloud, the contents of the whole safe suddenly become vulnerable, not from an attack from the outside but because of a problem on the inside.

Taking cloud security to the next level.

This is why we take security a step further. First, we put your data in a lockbox, and then we put this lockbox in a safe.


The difference is an additional layer of security, giving you an additional wall of defense against anything that might compromise the integrity of your data. Let’s say you’re an accountant. You’ll be able to control who interacts on a mutually agreed to basis. You may have multiple clients, but because you set the user names and passwords, you make sure that each client can only access their own data. You’ll be able to manage all of your clients on the cloud from a central location.


Every night there’s an automated nightly backup, along with additional backups on a rolling seven-day basis. Here’s why the security we provide is fundamentally different and here are some of the things we do to protect your data: It starts with our advanced, standards-compliant encryption. This protects your data both when it’s actually in the cloud and also when it’s being moved across the internet.

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Your cloud is hosted on a server at data centers where people have to display both an ID badge and a biometric scan for physical access. Multiple firewalls are deployed along with twenty-four hour monitoring. Our hardware modules give you a virtual lockbox inside a safe. To access this private lockbox, you have a password-secured login. It’s your own dedicated cloud server. 

With this unmatched level of security comes unmatched reliability, and 100 percent uptime…no exceptions. So, as you can see, there are a lot of good reasons to depend on us for your application hosting in a cloud environment. Everything’s backed up, nothing’s going to get lost, nothing’s going to duplicated or corrupted or put someplace you can’t find it. Then, one phone call is all it takes for us to make sure you’re connected with your accountant and any other users you want. That’s all it takes to create a scale-able cloud solution that you can never outgrow!

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