• March 01, 2016

Construction: Sage 50 Accounting Cloud

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Construction: Sage 50 Accounting Cloud

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Using Specific Sage 50 Accounting on the Cloud

If you like your Sage 50 Accounting software, or any other construction or accounting software, you should be able to use it anywhere. The cloud allows you to take your solutions with you to simplify travel and raise productivity. It is important to eliminate issues with connectivity and make your data available at all times.

When your business needs a solution to travel with data during the workday, it’s important to go with the service that will provide the right tools. For the construction industry, travel is a natural part of life. While you have an office to keep track of all your data and use your Sage 50 accounting software, you are often expected to be at different construction sites.

The cloud extends your access to the software you decide to host. The private cloud is the best option for cloud hosting because it comes with features that give you more control over your software, security, and remote access. With a private cloud, you can take use Sage 50 accounting software from any location. It’s a great alternative to QuickBooks because it is specific for the construction industry.

Sage 50 Accounting and Construction
Your Sage 50 accounting software is great because it is used to keep track of specific expenditures and earnings made. Sage 50 accounting comes in different editions that are specific to different regions in the world. US (Formerly known as Peachtree) and Canada (formerly known as Simply Accounting) are equipped with valuable tools for the construction industry. The best part of private cloud hosting that you can take those tools with you wherever you go.

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Often, web based software provides a watered down version of what you love. It has trouble implementing every single feature that you want or need. With the private cloud, you can host your proprietary software so you can get the exact tools you need. When you have Sage 50 accounting hosted, you can access all the features as if it were hosted on your own servers.

Your cloud server gives you the same feel you have grown used to. You get complete control over the software on a private cloud. A public cloud often makes its solutions basic so they fit the widest audience. With a private cloud, you get specific software that is only accessible by approved users. You will always know the status of your cloud and the data that is hosted.

You need specific hardware to use Sage 50 accounting software. For example, you cannot get the software on your Mac, phone, or tablet. The cloud eliminates those issues by making your software available through any device. It gives you more flexibility if you have to work from home. It is easy to access Sage 50 accounting software without worrying about compatibility issues.

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