• March 02, 2016

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Case Study: MiddletonRaines+Zapata CPA Firm

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting - Trapp Technology Case Study

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Case Study: MiddletonRaines+Zapata CPA Firm

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Case Study: MiddletonRaines+Zapata CPA Firm 1024 443 Trapp Technology

Trapp Technology QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Case Study
We are aggressively growing our Accounting and Advisory department and Trapp Technology’s holistic cloud solutions support the influx of new clients coming in and allows us to meet market demands for modern accounting technology.

Customer: MiddletonRaines+Zapata

Website: www.middletonraines.com

Location:  Houston, Texas

Industry:  Professional Services

Partner:  Trapp Technology

Website: www.TrappTechnology.com

Customer Profile

Since 2012, MRZ has provided personal and commercial accounting solutions to a wide range of industries, spanning oil and gas, healthcare, construction, and manufacturing markets. With headquarters in Houston, Texas, MRZ has developed a reputation for crafting innovative solutions to improve their clients’ financial positions.

Their unique approach is built on a foundation of technical expertise, close client relationships, and a persistent curiosity to find new ways to better serve their clients. MRZ clients use Intuit QuickBooks hosted on the cloud by Trapp Technology.

MiddletonRaines+Zapata (MRZ) grows their dedicated Accounting and Advisory department with the support of Trapp Technology’s cost-effective, secure and reliable Intuit QuickBooks cloud hosting solution. MRZ is able to collaborate with clients remotely and simultaneously on various versions of QuickBooks through a special Financial Professional portal customized to meet the organization’s unique needs. Trapp Technology provides stellar U.S.-based customer and technical support to MRZ and their clients.

Business Needs

MRZ required access to their clients QuickBooks software, ranging from QuickBooks Pro to QuickBooks Enterprise. Furthermore, MRZ needed a solution that provided them the ability to work on the software simultaneously with multiple users.

“We have numerous clients who have more than one account,” said JR Garcia, Accounting and Advisory Manager at MRZ. “In a centralized software environment, clients are unable to simultaneously work together, and alternative versions of software also posed issues with integration.”

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While many CPA firms primarily focused on taxes and audits, MRZ’s dedicated accounting department differentiated itself from competition by using the best-in-class innovative technology available. MRZ’s consultative approach would provide clients with options that best suit their unique needs and routines, including training, software implementation conversions, more frequent and large file transfers, and distant or multi-site locations.

Cost savings would be a critical decision-making factor for a solution designed to support their growing client base without sacrificing the quality of service or security.

Some clients utilized alternative online-based accounting software and were dissatisfied with the unfamiliar platform, limited features, and data security measures.

“We also wanted to get away from having to setup QuickBooks accounts online for clients who wanted to work remotely,” said Garcia, “but only used the desktop version.”


As a certified QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise advisor, Garcia has had previous experience with cloud hosting solutions and is an expert in QuickBooks setup, implementation, and clean up. His research for reputable cloud hosting providers led to the discovery of Trapp Technology’s cloud solutions.

Trapp Technology has been a cloud hosting provider since 2008 and has established venerable long-term relationships with CPA firms, financial professionals, and QuickBooks users across the nation.

Trapp Technology and MRZ built a strong, mutually beneficial relationship during this process, and in a collaborative effort, Trapp Technology cloud experts built a specialized mapping on MRZ’s private servers for automated sync and instant access to their client data. This Financial Professional access allows MRZ to work remotely, simultaneously, and seamlessly with clients on their individual QuickBooks accounts, regardless of the edition or version.

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“Trapp Technology worked closely with us to give our clients a cloud-hosted solution that was flexible, efficient, and secure” said Garcia. “We’re transitioning our model to go this route because of the convenience it affords both parties.”

Clients can get the same exact look and feel of their QuickBooks software with the ability to access it from any PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device with simple Internet capabilities, saving time and eliminating any additional training typically required from alternative online accounting solutions.

Trapp Technology provides each MRZ client with a dedicated server environment, housed in bank-grade data centers, located in low-risk natural disaster areas. MRZ and their clients can rest assured that their sensitive and valuable data are protected from 3rd party, virtual, or physical risks usually found in on-site or public server environments.


“We are aggressively growing our Accounting and Advisory department and Trapp Technology’s holistic cloud solutions support the influx of new clients coming in and allows us to meet market demands for modern accounting technology,” said Garcia.

Trapp Technology provides U.S.-based dedicated customer support to MRZ and their clients. This gives MRZ efficiency and peace of mind that allows them to refocus on their strategic growth efforts.

Trapp Technology’s QuickBooks cloud hosting pricing model is highly scalable and modeled to support organizational growth.

“Cloud hosting providers generally offer the same price for single user QuickBooks cloud hosting,” said Garcia. However, Trapp Technology offered a substantial price break for additional users, while competitors did not.”

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Currently, Trapp Technology offers QuickBooks cloud hosting for $50 a month for the first user, and another $50 for each additional user. A monthly cloud hosting subscription model also means MRZ is not held responsible for any costs associated with server maintenance or annual technology upgrades – all of which Trapp Technology fulfills. MRZ is also granted a special CPA access point and is able to pass along these value-added savings to their clients.

“Our clients appreciate the swift and dedicated IT staff Trapp Technology provides to perform accurate implementations,” said Garcia. “Many clients are eager to get started and Trapp Technology works with us to expedite the process by scheduling them in for an onboarding immediately. Clients securely upload their most recently backed up files on their dedicated servers and can be onboarded by a specialist in the same day!”

With Trapp Technology’s 30-Day Test Drive, clients are able to try QuickBooks cloud hosting for 30 days, risk free.

“We constantly offer Trapp Technology’s 30-Day Test Drive to our clients if it makes sense for their needs – which, most of the time, it does! We’ve had nothing but positive feedback.”

QuickBooks cloud hosting - Trapp Technology Case Study

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