• January 19, 2016

Why You Should Get Sage 100 ERP Cloud Hosting

Sage 100 ERP

Why You Should Get Sage 100 ERP Cloud Hosting

Why You Should Get Sage 100 ERP Cloud Hosting 1024 443 Trapp Technology

Why Sage 100 ERP Cloud Hosting Matters

Your business strategy should be to make what you do quick and efficient so you can be more productive and lower the cost of all your projects. Improving your internal process can be a great way to do that. Adding software on the cloud such as Sage 100 ERP gives your business more power and control over your applications. See why it’s time to host your software solutions on the cloud.

There is always room to improve your business. Services such as software-as-a-service, or cloud hosting, have become popular methods to raise productivity and add security to your data. With companies out there focused on creating powerful IT networks, your business has an opportunity to get stronger, faster performing technology without the large initial investments.

There are different types of clouds that give you different capabilities. To have the best environment for your Sage 100 ERP software, the private cloud is the solution for your business. Private clouds offer complete control over the software you host and the users who have access to the hosted data. You get the best security with dedicated resources provided by your cloud provider.

The private cloud doesn’t limit your growth and provides the tools and features you want from your software. When you host Sage 100 ERP on the private cloud, you can rest assured that you’re not missing out on any of the features you want from Sage 100 ERP. You host the full software so you can use it on the cloud just as if it were installed on your own computer.

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Full Featured Sage 100 ERP
You love your on premise Sage 100 ERP software. It works like it should and has all the tools that your business uses. You get exactly what you need when you are hosting your software on the private cloud. Free or open source solutions often lack the tools that you want. It takes long for public clouds to implement the new updates to make your life easier.

Mobility With Sage 100 ERP Cloud Hosting
You can access the cloud from anywhere. All types of clouds have made it convenient to login from any device wherever you are. The private cloud is incredibly powerful because it allows you to access powerful software through any device. You can take your Sage 100 ERP software with you and access through a smartphone or tablet.

Your security means a lot to your business. You need to go with the solution that will keep your data protected so you don’t have to suffer through data loss or breaches. You can speak with your cloud provider to get the specific security standards they meet.

Low Cost
Your business gets to host its software and data on servers that are well maintained and optimized to run smoothly for your business. Typically, your business would have to make huge monetary investments to build up that sort of technology. You save money on having the best technology to work through when accessing your software. Meanwhile, you also get a team of professionals to update and maintain your server so it keeps running smoothly. You have a lot of opportunity when hosting your Sage 100 ERP software.

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