• June 23, 2015

Cloud Based ERP: Sage 100 ERP Solutions

Cloud Based ERP

Cloud Based ERP: Sage 100 ERP Solutions

Cloud Based ERP: Sage 100 ERP Solutions 1024 443 Trapp Technology

How Sage 100 Cloud Based ERP Benefits You

A dedicated cloud solution allows you to create a cloud environment that is designed to fit your business. You get control over the software and users and in turn, get more productivity. Cloud based ERP software works perfectly on a dedicated cloud server. See how Sage 100 ERP is at its best when you host on the cloud.

Cloud based ERP or enterprise resource planning is hard to come by if you are looking in the wrong place. Typically, people think of the public cloud as the main solution for cloud hosting needs. The public cloud is limited in its ability to host the software you need and you don’t have the ability to find cloud based ERP on their servers. A dedicated solution will be able to host the software you use and give you the cloud based ERP software you need.

Sage 100 ERP has gone through several different iterations. It is the combination of Sage Mas 90 ERP and Sage Mas 200 ERP. Sage 100 ERP is a cost efficient solution to connect critical business operations in one easy to use interface. It supports organizational growth with a broad range of modules to have all the tools your business needs. Cloud hosted ERP solutions are also best because you benefit from many features the cloud gives you.

Full-Featured Cloud Based ERP
With a cloud based ERP solution, users have access to the same features, functionalities, look and feel as Sage 100 ERP deployed on-premise. You get the exact same software and don’t have to sacrifice all the features you are used to using.

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Mobility for Cloud Based ERP
Hosting your Sage 100 ERP grants your staff anywhere, anytime access to real-time customer data, reports, and analysis. You can access software via PC, laptop, smartphone or tablets. All that is needed is an Internet connection and then the cloud based ERP software can be accessed through a web browser or application.

Cloud Based ERP

Your data is a high priority when on the cloud. You need a secure solution for your cloud based ERP. Trapp Technology’s cloud ERP is housed in an SSAE 16 SOC Type II certified data center, located in Phoenix, Arizona. Each Sage 100 ERP cloud server is private, and dedicated, so you never share resources with other ERP clients. The location of your data is important because you need to know your servers are in a low risk area and won’t be hit by natural disasters.

Cost Savings
Investing in a cloud based ERP solutions will give you access to robust technology without the costs of building up your infrastructure. The costs associated with building in-house servers and the personnel time spent on maintenance can add up and require a much larger budget than most businesses can afford to invest. You have the ability to get your cloud based ERP on the best technology without having to buy that technology.

Test Drive cloud based ERP or Sage 100 ERP on the cloud for 30 days!

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