• March 16, 2015

Get Mobile Enterprise Level Software with the Cloud

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Get Mobile Enterprise Level Software with the Cloud

Get Mobile Enterprise Level Software with the Cloud 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Mobile Devices Accomplish Enterprise Level Tasks

We are lucky to see technology develop into increasingly more powerful solutions for business. While phones and mobile devices make it easy to stay connected to family and friends or do some quick web browsing, there are ways to make that technology work for your business. The cloud is bringing enterprise level technology to our mobile devices and it is time we took advantage of that.

Do you own a cellphone, a tablet or any other mobile device? I know, it is probably a silly question. The reality is that it is tough to make it through the professional environment without being connected in some mobile form. How many times have you been saved by having your email accessible on your phone? There are so many ways that we have all improved our process just by keeping connected with mobile technology.

The cloud is pushing that same technology even further. We can now perform much larger tasks from our mobile devices with the same results and ease as if we were on a computer. But how does this happen? The cloud can overcome hardware limitations and give you access to any software on any device.


Enterprise Software is designed to satisfy the needs of an organization. This can be customer relations management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), project management, manufacturing, and many other business oriented tools. The cloud lets you bypass your hardware limitations and use these high level tools on your phone.

Your Software on any Platform:
Do you use an Apple or Android device? It does not matter what you are on, a cloud-hosting provider puts your software on a server you can access through a web browser or a free application. The software on your cloud environment will work just as it does on your in-house computer. Software is not typically designed for your mobile device and is not available. But when it is on the cloud, you can easily login to your files on the go.

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No Memory Constraints:
Enterprise level software typically takes up a lot of space. Space that your phone does not have. If your software is located on the cloud, all your data is on a server that can handle the memory required to host the software as well as all the data you input. With your data saved to a cloud server, your phone has room to hold only the information you want on there.

Traveling Light:
If you know the stress of being on call, then you know how valuable it is to have more flexibility. You no longer have to be tied down to one location on the off chance you get asked to finish some work. Having your data on the cloud lets you have access from any remote location that allows you to connect to the Internet. And you get to travel light with your data in your pocket or a small bag.

Being available during any emergency is an incredibly powerful advantage to have in business. Your people and resources stay connected and drive the growth of your organization. We should be ready to take advantage of these resources and improve the connection within our organizations to improve the connection with the customers. These services are transforming the way we shape our professional lives and it is exciting to see the growth of these technologies. Having a mobile work environment will bring your devices to the enterprise level.

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