• June 08, 2015

Choosing Between IaaS and SaaS for Your Business

Choosing Between IaaS and SaaS for Your Business

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Using IaaS and SaaS in the Business Environment

When using cloud solutions for your business, you have many different options for what to do. IaaS and SaaS are two possible routes you can choose between when you are looking at your solutions. These solutions can be customized to fit your unique business needs so the cloud can act as an extension of your business.


IaaS and SaaS are similar services but the possibilities on each range greatly. You really have to look into what your business wants to succeed with its cloud service. Iaas and SaaS treat your environment differently but still allow you access and security for your data.

IaaS is a service you use as your infrastructure. You store all your company data on a cloud server so you have a space that you can make unique. It is highly scalable so you always have room for growth or shrinkage. You can add any software, applications, storage solutions, and essentially decorate your environment however you want it. IaaS provides you with the maintenance of your server while you take care of the tools you need for your business. IaaS and SaaS differ in this regard.

SaaS focuses more on your software and making sure that environment can handle all of your software solutions. This form of cloud hosting is smaller and designed to give you an environment for your software so you can have access from any location. IaaS and SaaS differ because IaaS is designed to be a business-wide solution while SaaS is designed to handle one aspect of your business.

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Your business can determine how it wants to utilize its cloud solution. IaaS provides you a full IT solution. This can be beneficial for businesses who want to lower the strain of maintaining IT. Your server will be maintained and monitored by professionals to protect you from outside threats. SaaS will give you that same protection, but it will focus on your software solutions. It is important to know how IaaS and SaaS can be used in your business.

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