• December 09, 2015

Get More With Sage 100 Contractor Cloud Hosting

Sage 100 Contractor

Get More With Sage 100 Contractor Cloud Hosting

Get More With Sage 100 Contractor Cloud Hosting 1024 443 Trapp Technology

Cloud Solutions: Sage 100 Contractor Cloud Hosting

Private cloud hosting gives you a powerful cloud environment that can handle increasingly more complex software. Sage 100 Contractor cloud hosting gives you the ability to see your data wherever you have Internet access. Take your data with you and work more flexibly by utilizing more powerful cloud technology. Take construction to the next level with Sage 100 Contractor on the cloud.

Cloud hosting information is a popular solution for expanding your digital storage space. It also makes your data more readily available whenever you are hard at work out of the office. You get on the go connectivity to all your projects on Sage 100 Contractor when you can access your cloud. Your business has the ability to work more productively with the added flexibility from working on the cloud.

Real Solutions
The private cloud is definitely the option for your business. You’re concerned with security and you want a solution that can handle your specific needs. Public clouds can’t provide your business with the advanced tools you need from your Sage 100 Contractor software. A private environment allows you to host Sage 100 Contractor and take those great tools with you wherever you go.

Real Time Access
For a business, it’s important to be up to date with all the information. When you are working through flashdrives and transferring data in different ways, it’s easy to lose data. With the cloud, your team can access Sage 100 Contractor and see all the most up to date information instead of looking through old files until you find the right one. You’ll never lose a file again and keeping your data offsite adds an extra layer of security to your business.

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A private cloud ensures that your data is yours and only yours. You approve the only people with access to your data and the environment doesn’t have to share any resources with other users. You get your own portal to login to your company files and all your data is kept offsite in a protected area. This keeps your data safe from natural disasters in your area. Your cloud provider also maintains the servers so your Sage 100 Contractor software is always working smoothly.

Sage 100 Contractor
Your software gives you the best visibility over your business. Sage 100 Contractor lets you see the big picture and easily stay on top of the most important details. Construction projects can be complex and this software makes it easy to track all your projects in one place.

Always know where you are on your schedule and keep track of your budget. You can also export all your reports to an easy to read excel sheet. Manage all your documents and maintain a clean audit with its great organization features. Stay on top of all your projects with Sage 100 Contractor on the cloud wherever you go.

So, why wait? Try Sage 100 Contractor cloud hosting for 30 days, risk free!

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