• November 18, 2015

Hosted Virtual Desktop Solutions and Your Business

Hosted Virtual Desktop

Hosted Virtual Desktop Solutions and Your Business

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An Overview of Hosted Virtual Desktop Solutions

What if you could access those files you have saved on your desktop from home? Sometimes, you need more flexible access to your desk. By virtualizing your desktop, you can access your important work materials from a remote location. Hosted virtual desktop solutions offer a lot of growth in your business.

Hosted Virtual Desktop or desktop virtualization centralizes operating systems by virtualizing your physical hardware and making it accessible on any remote device. With a hosted virtual desktop, you are guaranteed accessibility, security and redundancy of critical files and information. Your entire computer is moved to the cloud.

Your applications, data, and settings are all stored in a secure cloud environment that you can access from any device connected to the Internet. When your data is hosted in a virtual environment, there are many ways your business benefits. You increase productivity, flexibility, and lower your risk of losing your data. Every day in your business with hosted virtual desktop will be more productive.

Raising Productivity:
How many hours are lost in a year trying to get access to your data? Sometimes, it’s hard to get your files open because they are on your work desktop or a different flash drive. Other times, you get lost working on old files because you can’t find the most recent and up to date data. Traveling from work to home can make it difficult to work effectively because there is a lot that can go wrong when traveling with data.

A hosted virtual desktop cuts out all those risks and gives you an easy way to access your work as if you were sitting right at your desk. You no longer have to worry about bringing the right files with you or traveling back to the office when there is an emergency. Instead, you can open whatever Internet enabled device you have and get right to work with no hassle.

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Better Flexibility:
Being able to work in a flexible environment is incredibly beneficial. Have to work from home? There is no problem with that because a hosted virtual desktop gives you all the same conveniences you have from working at your desk. You are able to respond to emergencies, work while traveling, and stay connected when it’s important.

Save Your Data:
Your data doesn’t need to be taken with you. Often, people find themselves scrambling through old files trying to find the most up to date file to work on. You can save your data on a hosted virtual desktop and open it up anywhere. Your remote access minimizes the threat of losing data and maximizes the amount of work you get done.

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