• June 27, 2016

Tech Checklist for Small Businesses IT Needs

Tech Checklist

Tech Checklist for Small Businesses IT Needs

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SMBs Tech Checklist for the Competitive Advantage

Is your small business equipped with the technology it needs to be successful? This tech checklist will guide you to making the right decisions with the solutions you implement into your business. It is important to have a good understanding of what brings the most value to your business and not skimp out on quality. Whether you have been in business for years or are just starting up, it’s good to evaluate where you are with your technology.

1. Buy a Quality Computer
It doesn’t make sense to avoid paying the cost of a good computer. If your business is going to spend a lot of time managing operations or performing tasks on a computer, it is important to be equipped with hardware that you can depend on. Don’t be afraid of spending more money on faster processing speed, more RAM, and features that will push your productivity. Meanwhile, you save money down the line because you have a reliable machine and hardware that will last.

2. Get A Good Reliable Phone
Your phone is an important part of your business. Most business people rely heavily on their smartphone to get through the business day. They make important calls, answer emails, and use it for very important communication needs. While this is all great, your business should be equipped with a business phone system that can handle your needs.

A VoIP solution is great because it gives you a cost effective system with many tools designed specifically for businesses. Also, they are quick to implement and give you many options for mobility so you can keep taking advantage of your smartphone. Minimize your dropped calls and connect more reliably with your customers.

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3. Keep Records
It’s recommended you stay on the IRS’s good side. That’s why it is important to keep records and make sure those records are safe. Many people utilize the cloud for a reliable data storage solution. You can take advantage of dedicated cloud hosting so you can store all your data on a secure server where your digital threats are minimized. Having accounting software that is incredibly valuable but that takes us to the last part of this Tech Checklist.

4. Cloud Software Solutions
Software is making the workplace for small businesses much more manageable. With all the software available, small businesses are able to get solutions to their processes. SMBs are getting the competitive edge by hosting their software on the cloud or choosing cloud-based software. This allows them to quickly access their data from any location and through any device.

If you use a CPA or accounting firm to handle your accounting process, it helps to have your software on the cloud. For example, if you use QuickBooks, your accountant will be able to update your books from their remote location and you will still be able to get access to all your data. Regardless of the software you choose, you will have the flexibility to access your software whenever you need to.

This is a short tech checklist. It’s important to know your business and recognize its needs. Every business has different needs and can determine the amount of money they want to invest in any of these IT solutions. This tech checklist covers the technology solutions small businesses are implementing to get ahead of the competition.

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