• December 11, 2015

A Secure BYOD Environment With SSL VPN


A Secure BYOD Environment With SSL VPN

A Secure BYOD Environment With SSL VPN 1024 443 Trapp Technology

SSL VPN Provides A More Secure Connection In Business

BYOD, bring your own device, policies are increasingly popular among businesses. They lower the cost of technology because it allows employees to bring in their own laptops and devices to connect to the internal network. It gives workers reliable connections to work so they are provided more flexibility. BYOD is much more successful when you use SSL VPN.

SSL VPN, Secure Sockets Layer virtual private network, is a form of VPN that is used with a standard web browser. IT does not require the installation of specialized client software on a user’s computer. A virtual private network provides secure communication between your devices and the server that holds your data. Remote users will have access to web applications, server applications and internal networks.

SSL VPN is the best way to give your business the most secure remote access to your network. Businesses are increasingly implementing BYOD policies with the intention to improve productivity and lower technology costs. While companies build their BYOD policies, they can’t afford to ignore the benefits of SSL VPN.

“Originally designed for secure remote PC and laptop access, SSL VPNs have adapted and evolved over the years as BYOD morphed from a buzzword to reality for many organizations. The SSL VPN solutions of today, like Array’s AG Series secure access gateways, offer a wide range of support for smart mobile devices.” (Array Networks) There are many benefits to utilizing a BYOD policy and maintaining a secure network for your business.

Your BYOD policy often covers the responsibility employees have to protect data. There are important ways that they have to interact with their data to make sure it isn’t misused or potentially leaked. With SSL VPN, your data is encrypted with the SSL protocol so the data is unreadable. Only users who have access will be able to see the data that is protected.

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SSL VPN also protects your business because you no longer have to keep files on personal computers. BYOD policies introduce a device outside of your business to a lot of files. Having remote access comes with a huge advantage because it makes it a lot harder to lose files because of lost or damaged devices. If your employee’s laptop is destroyed, the files aren’t on the device because the data isn’t located on their device.

Your business has a lot of opportunity to improve productivity with remote access to data. A BYOD policy lowers costs by offloading the price of physical hardware. Your employees will provide their own devices for work and are able to access the data they need whenever and wherever they can. Don’t overlook your security and be sure to use SSL VPN solutions to mitigate threats.

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