• April 10, 2015

Dodge Internet Outages with Blended Bandwidth

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Dodge Internet Outages with Blended Bandwidth

Dodge Internet Outages with Blended Bandwidth 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Avoid Costly Internet Downtime With Blended Bandwidth

What would happen to your business if it went down for 11 hours? Can you afford to lose an entire day of work? This is exactly what happened to thousands of people in the Seattle area on April, 9th 2015. Comcast is the major Internet Provider in the area and after some fiber optic cables were cut during construction, people lost connection to phone lines and the Internet.

What is your plan if you lose Internet connection? Is it a good day to lose connection? Of course not! It is never a good day to go out of business so it is important to put your data on a network that you can trust. Around 9 a.m. in the Seattle area, a construction crew cut through a major fiber-optic trunk that served Comcast customers.

The outage reached customers in Madison Park, parts of Capitol Hill, and parts of downtown Seattle. Those who were affected by the outage had no access to the Internet and phone lines from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. This left businesses out of commission during most business hours and now they have a day of losses to recover from. There are a lot of costs involved with downtime, so these risks need to be addressed.

Do you store your data on the cloud? Have you ever experienced a loss of connection to your cloud and were unable to complete your tasks? The cloud was designed to give you convenient software solutions so you can effectively manage your business. When you cannot connect to your cloud, this becomes an inconvenient problem for you. The cloud is different from the Internet, but it does rely on an Internet connection to make sure it works properly.

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If your cloud is only relying on one Internet provider to stay connected, there is a much higher chance of losing connection. Most cloud providers promise 99.999% uptime, but it is important to ask how they provide that uptime and what the cause of downtime is. Trapp Technology’s cloud is equipped with Blended Bandwidth, and that makes its cloud a much more reliable solution for your business.

Blended Bandwidth lets you pick multiple Internet Providers to provide your network with constant connection or redundant Internet. At any given time, your cloud server is connected to the fastest Internet and if that one slows or goes down, you are seamlessly switched to another provider so you never have to lose connection or deal with slow speeds.

When your cloud is running on a blended bandwidth connection, you know exactly how you are guaranteed constant access to your information and data. When accidents like the Comcast Outage happen, you know you have another Internet Provider giving your network 100% uptime no matter what.