• February 27, 2015

How Your Cloud Benefits From Net Neutrality

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How Your Cloud Benefits From Net Neutrality

How Your Cloud Benefits From Net Neutrality 1080 454 Trapp Technology

How Net Neutrality is Saving Your Cloud

As you may have heard, the FCC voted to create rules that preserve Net Neutrality. This has a huge and positive effect on your business. Keeping an open Internet fosters competitive growth and saves you from higher costs of running your business.


Without rules in place for Net Neutrality, people who use the Internet are at risk. Internet Service Providers have the power to block, throttle, and the ability to charge more for prioritization. When ISPs are in control of Internet, your business can experience a lot of problems.

ISPs can block access to legal content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices. Anything that goes against the ISPs interests can be blocked. This means, their competitors content and anything that represents their interests.

Throttling means that they will be able to slow access to sites that go against their interests. Instead of completely blocking access to the information, the connection to the information is slowed to a snail like pace. This will cause people to bounce off webpages and give up on connecting to those websites.

ISPs also have the power to create paid prioritization. This means that those slow websites will have to pay higher fees to get faster connection to their information. Say Netflix experiences a lot of traffic and ISPs decide to charge them more to keep their connection speeds faster. That would be both unfair to Netflix and their customers.

The Federal Communications Committee has now voted to set rules that protect Net Neutrality so we avoid these harmful effects from taking place. And there are many reasons this is a good thing for your business. If you rely on the Internet to conduct your operations or keep up an online presence, then you are safe to do so without having your competition affected. Net Neutrality keeps ISPs from having too much power over your online activity.

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If you store your company information on a cloud-based server, ISPs could potentially block or throttle access to them. That’s not good for your business. You need access to your company information and all the important software you are using. Having a good connection is what keeps you connected to your customers and allows you to continue providing your products and services.

The cloud really is everywhere now and many businesses utilize its services to both store information and use software. If that software becomes suddenly unavailable, the costs of operating go way up and the benefits go down. Some businesses rely on having their software available from remote locations to keep their processes efficient. Without access to these tools, businesses are forced to use less effective methods. In turn businesses must rely on Net Neutrality to make sure that their connection to the cloud stays strong.

Net Neutrality keeps ISPs from altering the competition by picking winners and losers. A winner will be given the offer to buy faster connection to their websites. ISPs would have too much control over the content that is available online. People benefit from having the freedom to express themselves and sell their products and services. Net Neutrality upholds those benefits and promotes the growth of our communities and businesses.

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