• February 09, 2015

3 Steps To Improve Your Cloud Experience

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3 Steps To Improve Your Cloud Experience

3 Steps To Improve Your Cloud Experience 1080 454 Trapp Technology

What To Evaluate On Your Cloud

You are on the cloud and the convenience has become a normal part of your business. Your workers are efficient and always have access to the resources they need. You no longer have to worry about those constant tech updates to keep your servers running. Life is great on the cloud, and here are 3 ways to keep your cloud experience fantastic.

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How long have you been on the cloud? You’ve probably forgotten all the applications you have packed on to meet your employee needs. The key to keeping your cloud efficient is to properly evaluate your processes and make sure you are getting everything you need out of the cloud.

1. Evaluating Software:
Do you have the right software on your cloud? Is there anything missing or anything taking up space? The best way to optimize your server is to evaluate the software you have on there. You can find what software your employees are using and what software is just sitting there collecting dust and taking up space.

Cleaning out your server will make sure you only have what you need and you aren’t paying for software that you ended up not using. This is also your chance to get feedback on the software. There might be something missing to make your operations run as smoothly as possible. The extra space can be used to implement software that will give you greater returns. Making sure you have the right software gives your company the best value.

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2. User Access:
Have you had a change in your employees? Are there users still registered to use your cloud even though they are no longer with the company? Take a look at who you have working on the cloud and make sure the right people have access to what they need. This will not only save you the charges of having unneeded users, but make sure you have the right people registered to your account.

3. Storage Space:
How much space do you have on your cloud? Avoid getting those warning messages that you are low on storage. If your company is growing a lot, it is easy to scale your solutions to fit that growth. It is easy to get the storage you need to keep up with the data you have. This also works in the other direction. If you are looking to scale back the amount of storage space your company has, you can subtract those extra expenses.

With the Trapp Technology cloud, you can keep your server working the way you want it to. It’s easy to make adjustments. Visit our Help Desk for any updates to your account.

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