• January 06, 2015

Is Your IT Ready for 2015?

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Is Your IT Ready for 2015?

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How The Cloud Will Keep IT Fresh This New Year

It’s a new year and it’s time to start looking at what we can improve on these next twelve months. We have all probably looked back and found something we want to achieve that can push our business to the next level. If you run a small to medium sized business, the future is looking bright for you! Cloud computing is giving your business more power than ever.

Do you want to get more out of your technology this year? Using the cloud can create and automate habits that can improve your IT and lead your business to a lot of growth. These habits can keep your IT fresh and ready to face the ever-evolving digital world. Technology moves quickly and keeping up can feel daunting. Luckily, we have the tools to keep up with the constant innovation.

For most business, data plays a key role. The amount of digital information for any company is enormous and keeping that data maintained requires constant effort. Refreshing your IT will keep your computing process running smoothly and efficiently. Here are some great ways the cloud can keep your IT systems up to date and secure.


Back Up Your Data: Data is your business. It is so essential to your success that it is important to take the necessary precautions. The cloud can be a great tool to back up your information and make sure it stays safe. Many cloud providers keep your data backed regularly so you never have to worry about lost data or doing back ups yourself. However, there are dangers even if your data is backed up. The move to digital does not completely save you from natural disasters like fires and floods that threatened paper files in the past. Servers can run the same risks if not located in a safe location. When looking for a cloud, it is important to find a cloud-hosting provider that is located in an area with minimal risk. Trapp is located in Arizona. It is an area with minimal risks of earthquakes, flooding, and fires. This gives your data an extra level of security.

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Keep Your Servers Healthy: Managing your own servers can be a difficult task. You have to keep them maintained and running so they do not crash and impact your performance or profitability. If a server is ignored, it can slow down and even break down. Cloud-Hosting Providers are in the business of providing servers so it is natural that they keep them maintained for their clients. Cloud providers undertake all of the routine maintenance so you don’t have to. Your servers have a lifespan and must be kept healthy so they work smoothly. The servers your company runs on will be constantly updated to keep your business running like new.

Protect From Server Failure: Having a reliable server is important. Downtime can lose your business a lot of money as well as trust from your customers. Having your server fail to meet your needs is a costly error that can set your company in the wrong direction. When picking a cloud host, it is important to consider the power of their servers. Some datacenters offer redundant Internet such as Trapp’s Blended Bandwidth, which provides multiple ISPs to keep your server running. On average, companies experience 87 hours of downtime over the course of the year. Downtime leads to a huge loss in productivity and affects revenues. Having a server that is connected to reliable ISPs will keep your business running at all times.

Utilizing a cloud can revamp your business IT the way you want it to. It will make your data reliable and your business is free to focus on growing and reaching your customers.

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