• December 16, 2015

Stay Protected With Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Stay Protected With Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery Solutions Keep You Protected

Your data keeps your business running. When you work with a lot of digital information, you need to be aware of the risks your business faces on a daily basis. With a proper disaster recovery plan in place, you can easily recover from a data loss and mitigate the risk of experiencing downtime or potentially losing files with no way to retrieve them. See how your business benefits from a disaster recovery plan.

Disaster recovery services are designed to safeguard the sensitive files and data that your business relies on daily. Your disaster recovery solution can be incredibly comprehensive and even back up your applications, operating systems and servers to give you complete control over your business if disaster strikes. Disaster can come in many forms and being aware of the threat is the first step to staying protected.

Digital Threats
One of the first threats that is easy to recognize is the immediate threat your data faces in the digital sphere. Files can be corrupted and lost. Viruses can be introduced to your system and potentially take down your entire network. With comprehensive disaster recovery, your business has the ability to recover your files that have been damaged. Even enter servers can be brought back up to speed with the protection provided by disaster recovery.

Natural Threats
The second threat is one that is often forgotten because we often see data as intangible and therefore safe from natural disasters. However, that is not the case because the data does have to be stored in some location. If your business is located in an area that often experiences extreme weather conditions, your internal servers are at risk. Like paper files, fires, floods and earthquakes can destroy files. Your disaster recovery servers are kept offsite in a more stable area to lower the risk of damage from natural disasters.

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Disaster Recovery

Benefits of having Disaster Recovery

Your plan can give you a lot of support. Files that get lost or corrupted can easily be recovered to keep your business running like normal. The best part is how deep your recovery can be. You have incredibly powerful options for recovering operating systems and servers.

Services that provide disaster recovery put a lot of resources into ensuring highly secure spaces to hold your data. With excellent encryption and top of the line technology, your business will have a reliable way to recover files.

Business Continuity
In the event of an outage, users will be able to access their applications and files from a hosted server until they can get back online. This means you won’t have to lose time while waiting for your systems to recover.

A disaster recovery solution can be customized your business and what it needs. For example, backing up files daily is a lot cheaper than hourly. If you do not need to have your files backed up on an hourly basis, you can opt in for a solution that fits your needs.

You can rest easy knowing that your business has a team of experts backing up your data. You no longer have to panic if anything happens to your file because your disaster recovery plan has your data protected.

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