• May 09, 2018

Small Business and the IT Challenge

Small Business and the IT Challenge

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Small businesses have the biggest IT challenges. Why is that? The specialization of IT has become so pronounced that it’s impossible for small businesses to afford to own the skills they need internally.

So what is the solution many are adopting? Supplementing internal staff with 3rd party expertise to fill the gaps for internal skills so their internal resources can be more tightly aligned with their proprietary business process and unique business technology.

According to Computer Economics 2017 IT Statistics report, the values of working with a 3rd party are two-fold: augmenting in-house capabilities without making long-term commitments or large capital investments, and/or improving service levels and reducing costs by leveraging 3rd party expertise.

Trapp Technology delivers the ability to partner with small businesses to meet their IT challenges head on. 90% of our clients are small businesses and leverage our deep bench of expertise and products needed to run and automate their business.

We help our small business partners:

  • Improve operational flexibility
  • Increase service levels
  • Reduce management overhead
  • Reduce “keep the lights on” costs
  • Preserve capital

On top of that, Trapp Technology also offers a full suite of security services that not only improve company performances but fully protect their network assets as well. Scheduling a cyber threat assessment, for example, can help companies identify the current health and efficiency of their existing IT network. We’ll let your company know where your network is strongest and where it’s most vulnerable to malicious threats or other security obstacles.

We’d love to set you up on a call with one of our small business clients like Big Green IT, iDiscover, and Inenvi to discuss our flexibility and expertise.

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If you’d like information on any of the above, please give us a call at (877) 942-2568 or email sales@trapptechnology.com and we’ll have a representative get in touch with you shortly. You can also schedule a cyber threat assessment here and we’ll give you a call right away.