• December 17, 2015

Work Offsite With Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection

Work Offsite With Remote Desktop Connection

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Productivity and Remote Desktop Connection

There is a real need to have access to files when working outside of the office. There are many solutions from carrying a thumb drive to accessing the cloud. The most powerful is to create a remote desktop connection between you and your virtual environment. See how you can improve your flexibility and be more productive when out of the office.

You’re on a business trip and on the plane halfway to a meeting; you realize that you left your flashdrive back at work on your desk. This is the moment when you panic. You have to call your coworkers and try to find some way to get that information off the flashdrive. This is a situation none of us want to be in. When it matters, you should have access to all your files without any trouble.

There are many ways that this situation can be handled when you take advantage of the powerful tech solutions businesses have at their disposal. Remote desktop connection to a hosted virtual environment is one of the most effective methods. This takes your entire computer and turns it into a virtual environment that can be accessed through a remote computer or device.

Remote desktop connection allows you to access your computer through any device. Because your digital workspace has been virtualized, you only need an Internet connection to get access to all your files. A hosted virtual desktop is powerful because it supports your entire operating system and applications. Having access to your applications on the go is a luxury many people dream about.

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Being Flexible When Working
You have all the tools you need when working at your desk. With a remote desktop connection, it doesn’t matter where you are. You can get connected from your office, at home, or any place you are traveling to. This means you have a lot more flexibility when it comes to travel. If you work at multiple sites, you can easily pull out a laptop and get connected wherever you are.

If you work in multiple offices, it is important to have immediate access to your applications. A remote desktop connection to your applications means you can do more than just access files. You can handle your entire workload by accessing your applications on the go. When you have any work that needs to be addressed, you have all the tools to do it.

Your productivity will increase because you can work from any location. Sick days were always bad for the company because important work has to take days off. If a person comes to work, they run the risk of getting other people sick. With a remote desktop connection, they can work from home without risking the health of others. This means you don’t have to miss out on so much productivity.

Your business shouldn’t have to panic when files are forgotten at the office. With the technology available today, you can always see the files you need and access the applications you need to work. A remote desktop connection will ensure that your business is always working productively.

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