• February 16, 2016

Have a Desktop Environment Wherever You Go

Desktop Environment

Have a Desktop Environment Wherever You Go

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It’s Time To Get a Desktop Environment Everywhere

It’s time to talk about solutions for businesses with multiple offices. Small businesses that are growing often find a need to be able to work from other locations. Having a desktop environment that they can take with them wherever they go. Hosted desktop environment is a great solution to give your workers mobility and flexibility in the workplace.

So many growing businesses often run into issues because their space is limited and they are signed onto a lease that they can’t break. Often times, they have to rent out another office space to make room for more employees. This leads to a lot of different issues in the workplace, especially for people who have to travel between offices. You need a solution that allows you to be mobile and retain all your data wherever you are.

Small businesses grow quickly and often, you need quick solutions that are able to handle your changing environment. A desktop environment wherever you go is a helpful solution that allows you to access your data more effectively. When you have a hosted virtual desktop, you can easily access your desktop wherever you are. This is a beneficial tool for your company because you are able to save time and foster a BYOD (bring your own device) environment.

Let’s look at a scenario when a small business grows over its building’s capacity. If your staff is now located in two different buildings you’re going to need a solution that makes movement between the two buildings as smooth as possible. When you create a desktop environment you can access, that means you have virtualized your computer offsite. You essentially have your entire computer and data stored on an offsite server that you could then see through other devices.

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This is a great resource for your business because your staff can use one laptop to access their desktop. It doesn’t matter what building they are working in because they have all the same information on their virtual desktop environment. Small businesses are able to save a lot of time and make it easy to work no matter what building they are in.

While your business saves time on working from multiple locations, you also get to foster a BYOD environment. With a desktop environment that is virtualized, your business no longer has to provide computers for staff. Instead, they can provide their own hardware to work on. Their laptops are capable of accessing all the information that they need.

A virtual desktop environment saves your business money because it doesn’t have to spend so much on hardware. You also save on all the unproductive hours and extra time you spend trying to travel with your data. While you’re saving time and money, your staff is able to be as productive as possible. With a mobile desktop environment, you extend the capabilities of your business.

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