• January 07, 2016

Business Technology Trends 2016

Business Tech in 2016

Business Technology Trends 2016

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Business IT Solutions Trending in 2016

2016 is here and it is important to get a good idea of what technological advancements to make in your business. Now’s a great chance to reflect on last year’s achievements and struggles and know how exactly you need to improve your technology. With everything you learned over the last year, you should easily see what areas you need to improve.

There are several trends in technology for business in 2016. Many are looking to boost their mobile capabilities to create a more flexible workspace. Security continues to be a serious issue that businesses need to address. Stronger applications are being hosted on the cloud such as CRM and Enterprise level software. With the increase in mobility, new Wi-Fi standards are expected in the office.

Having access to your data from a remote location is a clear blessing in the workplace. With mobile access to your work, you respond quickly to emergencies and always have peace of mind that your data is there. In 2016, more businesses are aiming to improve the mobility of their workers. This can be through the cloud, hosted virtual desktops, or even VoIP services.

There are many great technologies that can give you mobility. You simply have to ask yourself, “What aspect of my business needs to be mobile?” When you want employees to be able to access their software from home, cloud hosting solutions are a powerful tool. Implementing a BYOD environment benefits from hosted virtual desktop solutions because employees access their computer through any device online. If you need to be connected to your business phone at all times, a VoIP provider can easily allow you to do that.

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When you implement new technology, you want to make sure that it won’t compromise your security. It is increasingly important to have top security because the amount of digital information you work with is only growing. Businesses that are implementing more mobile methods of accessing data need to have secure methods to access their data. A cloud provider or hosted virtual desktop solution needs to be up to your standards for a secure connection.

Cloud Based CRM
More powerful software is being hosted on private cloud environments. The private cloud provides a personal environment for your business to host software and applications. Because it isn’t a shared resource with other users, you are free to customize your environment exactly how you want it. This makes it the perfect place to host your CRM solution and have complete control over your data. You can take advantage of hosting enterprise level solutions.

Enterprise Mobile Management
A private cloud is a powerful tool for hosting your enterprise level software. With your software on the cloud, you can access it through any device with an Internet connection. This year, more people are going to be accessing enterprise software through a mobile device than ever before. It’s easy to take your work with you and make adjustments while you are on business trips or just have an urge to do so while waiting in line for coffee.

New Wi-Fi Standards
Mobility is a huge deal in 2016. There are so many ways to connect through any of your devices to work and businesses are implementing BYOD policies to do so. To have a solid BYOD environment, you need the Wi-Fi connectivity to handle your entire staff and reach every part of your building. It’s time to take a look at Wi-Fi solutions that will effectively support your staff and keep them connected when working on all their devices.

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