• January 12, 2015

Cloud Uptime: Why It’s Crucial to Your Business

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Cloud Uptime: Why It’s Crucial to Your Business

Cloud Uptime: Why It’s Crucial to Your Business 1080 454 Trapp Technology

What Can Make the Cloud More Reliable?

Cloud computing is a popular method to store data and use software. It has become a trusted resource for businesses looking to cut IT costs. Many companies offer services that enable small businesses to use critical software and store their company data. When cloud services fail, many companies experience negative performance because they cannot access their information.


When you are looking for a cloud service for your company, you have to think about reliability. Now that these services have been more widely available in recent years, there are more statistics on services that will assist in making the best decision. While the data is promising, it does open eyes to the possible threats your environment may face on a daily basis. One of the most important factors in making your decision is downtime. How many hours did your service spend trying to recuperate from network failure? Your business cannot afford an unreliable service.

Downtime can occur for any number of reasons. Systems can lose connection, there could be power outages, or your server could be overloaded with visitors. Regardless of the service, you can shape your decision in a way that avoids these potential problems. Here is what to look for to find the most reliable cloud.

Internet Connection: The cloud is an incredibly powerful system. But that system can only improve by having the right bandwidth. If you have your information on a cloud with redundant Internet, your information avoids the risk of downtime. Redundant Internet gives you connection to multiple Internet Service providers and allows you to seamlessly change to the next best provider if the current service you are on goes down.

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Power Outages: Outages can be caused by weather. Being located in a safe area can help your company remain stable because it avoids the threat of weather related risks. Places where there is a lot of rain/floods or experiences a high risk of fires can potentially damage electricity and shut down your environment. Finding a cloud provider based in a safe location will do wonders to your uptime.

Over Subscriptions: Public cloud services over subscribe their servers to allow as many people as possible access to their systems. When everybody shows up to access their data, the systems cannot handle the amount of traffic and kicks people out. Private clouds are a good way to avoid this hassle. They provide a private environment that only can access so nobody ever loses access because there are too many people on any server.

If your company relies on cloud services, you have to take the necessary precautions to avoid downtime affecting your business. You can research services that agree with your concerns and take the time to assure that your business is in good hands.

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