• January 13, 2015

7 Ways to Improve Performance

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7 Ways to Improve Performance

7 Ways to Improve Performance 1080 454 Trapp Technology

By Les Taylor

Guest Post by Les Taylor, President and CEO of Outperformers International, sharing expert advice on organizational and professional performance improvement.

People at the top of every profession and those in important management positions in any organization have at least one thing in common – they’ve developed the ability to get things done early and often.

This ability is actually a highly developed habit that has little to do with brilliance, having tons of talent or being connected. It has everything to do with a highly developed habit for getting results.

Here’s the definition of habit:

a pattern of behavior acquired through frequent repetition. This is the perfect descriptor of the men or women who’ve developed the ability to get things done. It’s a behavior they engage in frequently.


Here are seven ways to ramp up your performance and productivity, and seven good habits to formulate or nurture that will guarantee a more productive day.

1. Abandon perfectionism. 
Waiting for the perfect time to start a project almost always results in delays. In the real world, there’s no perfect time, no perfect condition, no perfect person. Start now, regardless of the circumstance.

2. Don’t be a thinker, be a doer.
Here’s a fact of life: the longer you think about doing something, the greater the chance it won’t get done. Break the habit of thinking something to death. Do it!

3. Trump fear with action.
It’s widely known that the greatest fear for most people is being asked to speak in public. Oddly, my greatest fear is that I won’t be asked to speak in public, but I digress. Action is the best cure for fear. Do whatever you’re afraid of doing, and do it now! Action builds confidence and confidence conquers fear.

4. Live in the now.
Don’t worry about what you should have done, or what could have been; just focus on what you can do now. Yesterday is history and tomorrow has yet to come. What you do have is today, this moment, this opportunity, so take advantage and do what you can do today.

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5. Commit to action – for everything!
Success and achievement are about doing, not about dreaming. Develop the habit of getting down to “it” right now. Not after the third cup of coffee, not after you read your email. Set busy work aside and get something important done. The coffee can wait and so can yesterday’s news.

6. Develop the habit of initiative.
People at the top of every profession or at the top of their field have a rare quality called initiative. The good news is that initiative is a developed behavior (habit), not a natural talent. You too can develop the habit of getting things done, when they need to be done, by developing the habit of initiative.

7. Follow the advice of Larry the Cable Guy.
“Get ‘er done!”


Les Taylor is a professional speaker, award-winning author and an expert in the field of performance improvement and professional development. Les is the founder of Outperformers International, a business consultancy helping individuals and organizations radically improve their “performance capacity.”  (www.lestaylor.net)